Bad Memories

Your childhood was a mess, your mom died when you were a little child, soon your father started drinking and to see woman… differently.
When he found a new girlfirend, things slowly started to get out of hand.
You also changed, you did stupid things, had fights with other kids, trouble in school and with the law, but never crossed “the line”.

After your dad died, and things didn’t really get better, you left your hometown and swore to never come back.

As time goes by you manage to build a normal life and all the bad memories start to faint and become foggy.
But will it stay that way?

Years later…
Against all the odds, you’ve managed to make a name for yourself over the years, and one day you got the chance of your life: the opportunity to work for one of the most successful companies on the market.
They are ready to pay an insane amount of monthly payment (by your standards) and the best thing is, you only need to visit the office once or twice a week at call. But there is a downside: They want you to move to the location of their office…
Of course their office is in your old hometown…
It was a tough decision, but it’s been years, so what could possibly go wrong, right?
You rent a nice apartment you’ve looked up on the internet, pack some essential stuff in a bag and ship the rest via container.
Since the container needs some days to arrive you also book a hotel room for a few days.
The story starts the day you arrived in your old hometown.

Developer: Bad Memories Games – PatreonSubscribestar | Discord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Corruption, Groping, Incest, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Abuse, Rape, MILF, Teen, Small tits, Big tits, Lesbian, Oral, Sexual harassment, Female Domination, Squirtation

1. Extract and run.

– new scenes…
– ~400-500 new render
– 25 new animations (~1300 render)
– lot’s of fixes and code changes
– changed a lot in the gallery, so old scenes/saves might not work correctly in the new version
– re-rendered some older scenes
– changed some older scenes, added a little extra scene in the beginning
– new special render

Rating: 4.2/5. From 1.2K votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Amazing game, but where are sex sounds and moans? Any controls over sex action?

Anonymous Fapper

9 months… I know this is just a hobby for the dev and they have a real job… but man. That’s a really small update for 9 months.

Maybe I’ll check again in like 3 or 4 years.


There’s a 0.63 version on steam with some additional content (Going to the shrinks house and a run with Rachel) and another update due out within the next two weeks or so.

Anonymous Fapper

The dev post new they releasing the new version this month


If you ever played “The Sagara Family” this game will feel nostalgic lol. The latter is one of the best hentai games out there and this game either accidentally or purposefully homages it with its feel and variety.


8 months without update? Milking Machine At it’s finest. Before 2020 Almost all games here updates on a monthly basis. Now it’s full of shit incomplete games and raking money from gullible patreon supporters.

Anonymous Fapper

Lazy parasitic dev exist because of those Gullible Patreon supporter who condone such act, If those gullible suporter stop their support, those parasite dev will start working hard and give a frequent game update

Anonymous Fapper

$1400x8months= $11,200 of hard earned people’s money have been stolen by this Parasite leeching dev.

Anonymous Fapper

They are making that much on a minor side hustle?! I’m going to have to look into this as I have the skills and a good work ethic.

Anonymous Fapper

I have WFH for years before 2020. Absolutely nothing happened to slow me down due too COVID. Actually, since most of the management were the ones affected, my production went up drastically since I just took the initiative and did what I felt needed to be done instead of waiting for meetings and their consensus.