Deep Impact Special Edition

After you receive a call from your school doctor she introduces you to a new type of drug that she developed, it apparently triggers certain instincts in a woman that gives them the need to reproduce and getting breed by whoever is close to them during the effect of the drug. The MC (you) now has a lot of power in his hands and can’t wait to try it out on the next best girl he can think of.
This is a separate game, meaning you don’t need to have you’re save from the main game to play it.​

Developer: VCProductions – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Main Game: Deep Impact
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Big Tits, Incest, impregnation, Internal view, Male Domination, Pregnancy, Mind control, Short game

1. Extract and run.

Content Changed

The patch changes the dialogue to a more incest-oriented version of the game.


Patch Instructions

Back Up everything in your game folder.
Place Folder into your game directory and say “yes” to overwrite.
PC : Deep-Impact 1.0-pic/ game

Rating: 3.1/5. From 39 votes.
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The fucking incest patch is not working please solve it with a new patch

Anonymous Fapper

So a drug the MC ingests that magically makes woman want to have sex with anyone? What a genius delivery method.

Anonymous Fapper

White letters on a white backdrop? Genius.
Short episodes with no good plot or backstory? Terrible
Sex scenes are short with little to nothing too them, why? The point of a Fap game/novel is lost to the creator. Good buy some sex books for ideas. Dont bother with this novel. 1 star for the attempt.

Anonymous Fapper

don’t waste your time…

Anonymous Fapper

It has 2 short scenes with no animation. Not worth downloading.

Anonymous Fapper

This Special is a little side-story, don’t expect too much. What do you mean with not worth downloading, nothing lost for anyone who likes to give it a try