Hunt and Snare

You lost your duties as a butler due to the incident at The Dragon’s Castle, but now that you own a ship and can explore the Sky Realm unhinged, you have decided to become a hunter. You’ve heard that various islands of the Sky Realm have mysterious species that are highly priced as companions, professionals, and show pieces.”
Description one liner:A third person view game where you explore, sneak, hunt, and sexplore with your sky ship crew.​

Developer: Rufflenecks – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Furry, Blowjob, Anal, F/M, M/M, F/F, Futa F/M, Futa F/F, 3d game, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Character creation, Futa/trans protagonist, RPG, Simulator, Lesbian, Slave

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Open “Hunt and Snare.exe” to start playing the game.

Rotate camera with by holding left mouse button
Scroll wheel to zoom in/out
F1-F4 changes quality levels (same as launcher quality settings)
ESC returns to main menu
1,2,0 keys switch between POVs and Default camera
You can customize colors by copy pasting HEX code to the [HASHTAG]#000000[/HASHTAG] slot below color buttons
Island controls:

WASD to move
Hold SHIFT to run
Press CTRL to toggle sneaking on/off
Hold E to interact with characters (follow/unfollow, capture) and locations
Press SPACE to “finish” animations
ESC returns to main menu
Hold M to display map
Press SPACE to climb ladders
In Act: hold RIGHT mouse button to rotate camera
In Act: Scroll wheel zooms in/out


  • Changes to basic gunplay; Stinger (default rifle) now obscures less when shot by having more horizontal smoke, improved muzzle flash, added trails to shots and made the bullet position always visible at distance to communicate bullet flight paths better, and changed attack animation shorter to allow faster second shot.
  • Changed autorunning to work while inventory is open.
  • Improved swimming particle effects.
  • Improved “realistic” color grading to improve visibility at night.
  • Improved look at function in menu to include jiggle effects.
  • Fixed rifle fire point switch happening prior each shot instead of after.
  • Fixed interaction names for chests.
  • Fixed ghost fashion not loading for player on older saves.
  • Fixed lantern appearing multiple times in store.
  • Fixed act locator overlapping table in the game room.
  • Fixed problem with capturing and rifle state.
  • Fixed inconsistent camera ceiling checks in Showroom mini room stages.
  • Fixed return items command unequipping items twice.
  • Fixed pooled actors not re-determining their voice in some cases.
  • Fixed pooled actors not clearing fur and cloth masks in some cases.
  • Fixed davh nose piercings reversed slots.
  • Fixed piercings having different scales on subsequent equips.
  • Fixed missing or incorrect noise surfaces on certain objects.
  • Fixed footprints appearing on wrong object types.
  • Fixed censoring breaking on breasts after acts.
  • Fixed Myghan giving repeated rewards.
  • Fixed a hole on terrain.
  • Fixed winter scene tree branch sticking through character’s head.
Rating: 3.0/5. From 107 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

please, find a way to get us the newer versions, so we dont have to spend money on sucks for money these days and we cant all pay.

Anonymous Fapper

Average RPG style game, you play a furry (a fox or something like it), run around this sparse village and do various tasks, including having sex with other furries. Graphics are average, fairly routine material, kind of old school rpg style. It’s an okay game if you’re into furry sex… otherwise… not.

Anonymous Fapper

When will preview 3 be up?

Anonymous Fapper

$6.5K income per month and no updates in 4 months. Good job!

Anonymous Fapper

Who would’ve thought that giving money to a dev in advance will be a disincentive to his work? Answer, anyone who knows how business works.

Anonymous Fapper

you clearly have no idea what you’re even talking about but want to look like you do. fucking loser

Anonymous Fapper

Paying someone for not working makes him work less, who would’ve thought?

Anonymous Fapper

was updated multiple times since and is now on early access steam under adult content


Here is my solution for making this boring game more fun: get your rifle (waiting on that bow..), go wherever you want and hunt until you find your, um, “beauty”… lol then have THAT single capture follow you as you run all over the place, making sweet love and unlocking the different positions (for the showroom) later. Fun? Fun enough, I suppose, since it’s impossible to figure out any of the game’s other quest mechanics… Overall not bad though, I see what they’re trying to do


Also: there’s a weird memory management issue with the graphics, so set everything where you want it, close the game, reboot, then DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING. Should run decent if your system is newer-ish. Disabling the ‘shader cache’ in Nvidia control panel helped with the gradual slow down over time when playing (it’s from loading area after area, the cache fills up).