Life Changing Choices

In this deceivingly heartwarming story, you will take on the role of Kei,
who was born and raised in a family shrouded by mysteries and untold stories.
Losing your lover in a past tragedy, you chose to distance yourself from people,
thinking that your presence alone was enough to cause them harm and pain.
As you try and get back on your feet, you end up moving into a shared house and start to open up once more.
However, not long after finally moving on from your pained past, you learned that your lover is still alive and that her abduction wasn’t a simple string of bad luck, but instead, something more insidious,
directly connected to you and your family’s secrets that were kept hidden for decades.
With the shadowy forces setting their plan in motion,
will you be able to stop it and protect the girls? Or let them die by their hands?​


Developer: NiiChan – PatreonItch.ioGamejoltDiscordBuy Me a Coffee | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Big tits, Animated, Mobile game, Masturbation, Harem, Romance, Virgin, Rape, Humor, Creampie, Oral Sex, Handjob, Vaginal Sex

1. Extract and run.

Episode 4

  • 417+ images
  • 2529 lines of codes
  • 7 animations
  • Nicole events (Focus of the episode)
  • Main Story progress
  • Lisa progress
  • Added Lisa on the Scene Replay
  • 7 new background music
Rating: 3.7/5. From 197 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

wait is this Abandoned


If you’re going into this game, you have to have a tolerance for a slow burn… and a cast of characters all filled with tragic backstories. Like we’re starting this game with real-life horror… and flashing forward immediately to literal nightmares and sexual dysfunction and an MC that is a complete an utter mess and not in a fun way.

Anonymous Fapper

Well, I’m not going into this game. So I don’t have any of that to worry about. I prefer porn in my porn games, not some sob story. Tits and fucking. I don’t give a shit about any tragic background. I will leave the stories to all the basement dwelling incels who sit and jerk off to fashion magazines and play something more worthy of my time.

Anonymous Fapper

2-3 games at same time
Very slow development

Milking. Nothing more

Anonymous Fapper

Hate the remake. Now everyone’s a ninja killer, not just yuna. Eliza is now neurotic with a bloody past. too dark

Anonymous Fapper

.You are just dumb! The original was ok but a lot of it did not add up. While here in the remastered it makes more sense and the story is way better. Eliza is way better here and her bloody past adds more depth to her then her just being a side character who helped and likes the mc. Also do not use words you do not understand, she is not neurotic, she is not irrational or has a mental disorder, she is traumatized by finding her parents dead and has nightmares about it

Anonymous Fapper

Remilk have one objective: Delay porn content forever.

Max Muscle

Love the new update! Wholesome Nicole’s content, a cool fighting scene, great game.

Anonymous Fapper

*Spoiler* Irene didn’t really got raped, well if you really understand the story and NiiChan work’s it’s clear that she didn’t really got raped and there is some hints in the game like Edward said “If you just how she’s begging for mercyyyyyyyyyy tskk only if the boss doesn’t stop me” i don’t really remembers it but it’s kinda the same dialogues

Anonymous Fapper

if you just know*