MC Simulator

MC Simulator is an Adult Sandbox VN with dating sim and RPG (coming soon) elements.

After you die, someone mysterious appears in front of you, proposing you a rather strange deal: “Would you like to become a guide to the after life?”.
Living again and having more time sounds good but this deal comes with a condition: “You will forget everything about your past life and no one will remember you.”
By accepting this deal you start a new life in a new house, living with a group of people (they are all girls) similar to you.

Developer: Aph – Patreon | Itch.ioDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, text based, animated, mobile game, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, exhibitionism, handjob, harem, male domination, creampie, lesbian, milf, oral sex, titfuck, pov, rpg, sandbox, vaginal sex

Extract and Install.


  • Added A New Relationship Scene Featuring Sophia.
  • Added A New H-scene Featuring Sophia.
  • Added A New Relationship Scene Featuring Azalea.
  • Added A New Story Quest.
  • Added A New Tier 1 VIP Scene Featuring Mia.
  • Added Four New Chat Conversations.
Rating: 3.6/5. From 166 votes.
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loner fapper

is the sex scene animated or nah?

Anonymous Fapper

What is the obsession with these weeb characters..

Anonymous Fapper

I personally would hate the deal the description says. Forgetting everything about your life is no different then dying, IMO. You aren’t really YOU anymore.

You ARE the sum of all your memories.

Anonymous Fapper

Wake up, it is obvious that the MC has not forgotten everything, otherwise he would be a baby. Simply if he tried to remember a specific event in his life, such as his mother’s name, he could not.


> Forgetting everything about your life is no different then dying
Yes, which is why MC in this game is literally dead.
Game starts with MC dying, and a goddess offers your ghost a job as a grim reaper

Anonymous Fapper


Only truth here

After fishing my ass up for 30k, another 10k needed…gave up. really must put a cheat

Anonymous Fapper

cooking is a better endeavor. Buy a bunch of raw meat, make bacon or sausage and sell, you get $96 profit per one. You can eventually make Fish Katsu which you can make $992 per one.

Anonymous Fapper

cooking is brand new and was made specifically because people complained on how godawful fishing was

Anonymous Fapper

note that cooking is not good, it is just not as bad as fishing