All she wanted was to shop.

Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Female protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Blackmail, Corruption, Groping, High heels, Oral sex

Rating: 1.4/5. From 35 votes.
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When the girl u have a huge crush on, has always been out of yr league and her boyfriends make u seem like a chimp in comparison, u make a 10 seconds long VN type game and take yr bloody revenge on all of them, in a single blow. This ain’t no game, this is real world revenge of the nerds.


zippyshare is the virus infected snailworm of the cloud storage world

Anonymous Fapper

don’t waste your time and download this piece of shitty game

Android is for fucking losers

OMFG what a piece of shit, don’t bother with this trash

Anonymous Fapper

fuckin-… android download?! I hate you all! I hate this fockin world! aaaaahhhhhhhh phaggot!

Joey Dante

To my fellow perverts
Life is unfair for our Android users
So that’s why they developed Joiplay emulator and Renpy plugin for joiplay
So you fuçkîng moron download those two —>
download the windows game if it’s devolped in renpy—>
Extract the windows game—>
Open joiplay emulator
Search for the extracted game
Load it and play
Your moron
And don’t for get to keep app lock for gallery applications else you fucked up

Anonymous Fapper

if you make a port I willl port it lol.

Anonymous Fapper

you dodged a bullet you whiny turd, this game is fucking trash.