X-Trek: A Night with Troi

A Star Trek parody where you take on the role of a lowly lieutenant looking to score with Counselor Troi. If you’ve ever dreamed of hooking up with Star Trek’s Goddess of Empathy, this may be the closest you ever cum…, er, come.

Developer: Xia Liu Bei – PatreonItch.ioTwitter | GameJolt
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, big-tits, Erotic, Kinetic Novel, Parody, Romance, Sci-fi, star-trek, troi
Sequel: X-Trek II: A Night with Crusher

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Rating: 4.1/5. From 149 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Will this game be available for Android Devices?

Anonymous Fapper

I remember back in the day there was a text based game by the same name? did someone make a VN of that game?

Xia Liu Bei

It was inspired by those games, but is not a remake. It’s a completely original story.

Anonymous Fapper

Thank you. That was much better than NuTrek. I could feel the love for the source material. Looking forward to more episodes.

Yo Mama

nuTrek parody>>>>> old hag trek parody :v

Xia Liu Bei

Thank you for the kind words. There are a lot of Easter eggs in the game for fans of old school Trek. If you convert the stardate given at the beginning of the game, you’ll find it puts us in season 5, which I tried to show with Troi’s uniform, Geordi’s beard, and Picard’s Ressikan flute. There’s also lots of little biographical details from Troi’s favorite type of chocolate to Data’s construction. None of it is vital, but just little touches to add authenticity to the story.

Anonymous Fapper

Mac version?

Anonymous Fapper

Hey Dev…
I’m a small titty lover. Any chance you have some ST stories on the fire? I feel I’m not at all alone here…just a thought.

Xia Liu Bei

How small are we talking? Crusher’s got a smaller rack than Troi, but if you’re talking about something like nubile teen size tits, there might be something like that coming in the sequel, but she won’t be the main focus of the game.


Maybe he would like someone with the breasts like Tasha Yar