Out of Touch

Out of Touch is a psychedelic melodramatic comedy about a group of childhood friends as they grow up, grow apart, and reconnect…before everything really goes off the deep end! Taking inspiration from psychedelic thrillers, Out of Touch is an extremely odd journey through several genres from teenage romance to existential horror.
After being sent away by his mother due to a terrible misunderstanding involving his closest friend, our protagonist CJ returns years later for the last two semesters of high school completely changed in both body and spirit.
Wielding a newfound power and determined to rekindle his old relationships, can CJ convince his friends he’s the same person they used to know? Can he avoid ruining absolutely everything like the doofus he is?


Out Of Touch! Trailer

Developer: Story Anon – PatreonItch.ioPixivTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Psychedelic, Harem, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Multiple Protagonists, Vanilla, Group, Yuri, Hand-Holding

1. Extract and run.


Hotfix for a script error in the beginning of Ch24.


-Chapter 24 is out!

-688 new renders!

-Expanded lewd scenes and new renders for Chapters 15 and 18 too!

-A shitton of typos have been fixed!

-Patreon and Discord have been integrated into the game, we’re now shilling at rates never before seen!

-We moved all file and asset handling to a static class to make distinguishing on Android easier in the future. This changes literally nothing for you, but hey Android’s coming! Yay back end!

Rating: 3.4/5. From 150 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Hand-Holding ?! That is very lewd !

Anonymous Fapper

I mean, also kinda sweet. I’m surprised there isn’t a Romance tag.

Anonymous Fapper

Yeah this is so lwed????????

Anonymous Fapper

First of all, this Game/VN isn’t Porn. Shurely, there are about three ‘sexy scenes’ in the whole of the game by now, but thats absolutely no priority an just blends in with the story. Speaking of story und charakters i really learned to love them after some hickups and ‘do it already!’ moments. And the new update (think it was the whole chapter 22) kept me a solid three or four hours. So if you’re here for porn, don’t bother with OOT. But otherwise you might just enjoy the story. Just my 2 cents

Damion Jackson

Really good game, although I wish the characters would stop ignoring the advice they keep getting! They should know the first rule of RPGs by now: Dont Split The Party!! EVER!! IM LOOKING AT YOU JAIME!

Anonymous Fapper

Game? VN maybe it’s not a game at all . the few choices given are not even choices they are just spots to see more of the story outside of the intro there is almost no spicy stuff at all it’s a light adult topic anime in place of a game really .

Damion Jackson

I dont mind.

Anonymous Fapper

Theres literally a combat system. Its going to be a real rpg according to dev

Anonymous Fapper

Yeah just added in this update How dare the poster not know that in months from his post they would add in a combat system

Anonymous Fapper

Realy love the game, but honestly I don’t get how the new fight system works. Seems i just can’t do anthing?

Anonymous Fapper

just heal the hostage to full to win that fight.

Damion Jackson

You’re not the only one. I got really frustrated with as there is basically no explanation. I’ll give a hint: You cant beat the baddy by punching her…

Anonymous Fapper

in the end I took the typical ‘IT-Guy Solution’. Went through the game’s files and ‘cheated’ my way to the next scene… rather easy with Unity now.

Anonymous Fapper

Android could really use a update not tryna be a dick but

Anonymous Fapper

Android can go……….