Single Again

In Single again you play the role of Frank,  a widower and soon to be divorcee. The story begins with Frank moving back to the Loft he used to share with his first wife. A place he never wanted to go back to after her untimely death.  You lead Frank as he starts his life over again, soon he begins to find companionship and love in places he never expected to.

Single Again Trailer

Developer: Clever name games –
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Corruption, DILF, Groping, Lesbian, Masturbation, Romance, Sex toys, Teasing

1. Extract and run.

Rating: 3.9/5. From 641 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Mobile file says not found when trying to download

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

Love this game. Just wish you have more choices other than the following dialogue. More choice options to see where the story could go.

Anonymous Fapper

Good game, very long winded though but story is actually good, its plausible even and not just a story where people lose inhibitions randomly. So it does not have that much “Action” some which is not bad but the game (at least so far as I have played) focuses on story and background and the creator went to a lot of trouble with this story (if its his/hers). All in all, its good, play it, support it!.

Anonymous Fapper

The MC is such a fucking bitch, seriously a woman is making this for sure. Graphics are great so I have to skip all text and move the scenes because the weak ass simp makes me sick. Fucking hell Dev, listen to your critics and tighten up this drivel! EVERY character in this novel is more masculine than the MC. Reading through all the tortured inner monologue, ZERO CHANCE ANY OF THESE FEMALES WOULD GET WET OR WANT THIS STAMMERING FEMININE BETA.

Anonymous Fapper

This guy is a regular person, not some beefed up simpleton that has more muscle than brains. He actually gives a shit about his family and others to a point he wont want to hurt them. He is gradually losing though inhibitions as the story unfolds. If you looking for a quick fap, look somewhere else, I personally I bored of nonsense story games, may as well watch porn imo.

Anonymous Fapper

I’m all in on a reluctance story, where someone fights a losing fight against focused temptation. This MC has 20 page internal monologues crying about what a bad man he is. When I can skip a dozen pages of text without missing the story I think something needs to be said. Not looking for porn, you are simply not honest that this is NOT what goes through a guys head in these situations. That internal struggle is usually after things progress too far, or a boundary was pushed.