The Repurposing Center

“The Repurposing Center” is an interactive erotic fiction about a dystopian not too distant future in which undesirables are carted off the streets by government capture vans so they can be repurposed into something more valuable to society.

You find yourself in this very situation, trapped within the facility, being changed both physically and mentally to suit the whims of potential buyers who are your only way out.

The game is a sandbox life simulator within “The Repurposing Center” where players will need to partake in work, training and socialization in order to secure themselves a happy ending when they finally place themselves up for auction.

Developer: Jpmaggers – Patreon | Subscribestar | Discord
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux / HTML
Language: English
Genre: Transformation ,Group Sex, Prostitution, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Degradation, Corruption, Hypnotism, Bimbofication, BDSM, Bondage, Cum, Maid, Pregnant, Lactation, Water Sports, Anthro, Furry, Enema, Scat, Sissy, Chastity, Futanari

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “The Repurposing Center.html” to start playing.


– Celeste classroom note scene start.
– Celeste classroom note scene ignore option.
– Celeste classroom note scene tattle option.
– Celeste classroom note scene watch option.
– Celeste classroom note scene masturbate option.
– Fem Trainer sissy ballet scene start.
– Fem Trainer sissy ballet scene middle.
– Fem Trainer sissy ballet scene oral end option.
– Fem Trainer sissy ballet scene normal end option.
– Roommate changing location code.
– Roommates in different room descriptions system.
– Check beds macro to streamline bed system.
– Add to bed macro to streamline bed system.
– Roommate beds system updated.
– Baylee roommate overview tasks page update.
– Baylee roommate overview sleeping assignment page update.
– Baylee roommate nightly upkeep updated.
– Baylee roommate night tasks.
– Baylee roommate sleeping.
– Baylee roommate overview finances page updated.
– Baylee roommate room main description.
– Baylee roommate hangout scene.
– Baylee roommate sleep location chat scene.
– Baylee roommate appearance chat scene.
– Baylee roommate tasks chat scene.
– School extra curricular time fix (Thank you smolbat & Winterwolf)
– School first day note encounter sex preference fix (Thank you Highland_Hunter)
– Makeup training price fix for makeover artist background (Thank you Highland_Hunter)
– Pregnancy ownership fix (Thank you Trin)
– Exhibitionist job fix (Thank you cece_stardust)
– Sleep roommates fix (Thank you Winterwolf & snomann72)
– Night income fix (Thank you Winterwolf & snomann72)
– Finances income fix (Thank you Winterwolf & snomann72)
– School encounter rate options fix (Thank you snomann72)
– Baylee chore overview fix (Thank you snomann72)
– Celeste school encounter fix (Thank you Winterwolf)
– Togashi Hina image fix (Thank you Winterwolf)
– Jess room location fix (Thank you Winterwolf)
– Pregnancy examine stats fix (Thank you snomann72)
– Typo fixes (Thank you TriniTDM & Shadowlock)
– Baylee won’t be at home when she’s meant to be at school.
– Pregnancy content stats in the examine window (Suggested by Highland_Hunter)
– Fem Trainer makeup format issues fixed (Thank you Jude)
– Typo fixes (Thank you RealmsxMyths, Shadowlock, TriniTDM)
– Diaper racing Willie fix (Thank you Jude)
– Fem Trainer description typo fixed across multiple scenes.
– A few minor bug fixes.

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