The Repurposing Center

“The Repurposing Center” is an interactive erotic fiction about a dystopian not too distant future in which undesirables are carted off the streets by government capture vans so they can be repurposed into something more valuable to society.

You find yourself in this very situation, trapped within the facility, being changed both physically and mentally to suit the whims of potential buyers who are your only way out.

The game is a sandbox life simulator within “The Repurposing Center” where players will need to partake in work, training and socialization in order to secure themselves a happy ending when they finally place themselves up for auction.

Developer: Jpmaggers – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux / HTML
Language: English
Genre: Transformation ,Group Sex, Prostitution, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Degradation, Corruption, Hypnotism, Bimbofication, BDSM, Bondage, Cum, Maid, Pregnant, Lactation, Water Sports, Anthro, Furry, Enema, Scat, Sissy, Chastity, Futanari

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “The Repurposing Center.html” to start playing.


– Home cleanliness system code – Players apartment cleanliness/messiness is now tracked. It’s a number from 0-100, with changes in status coming every 20 points. Being in the best two categories will give the player +1/+2 extra actions, whilst being in the worst two categories will give the player -1/-2 relationship score with all roommates/slaves each day. Players can clean their home themselves, or set it as a task for roommates/slaves. Uncleanliness increases daily, based on the number of rooms the player has (and their size), and the number of roommates/slaves they have.

– Home cleanliness traits – New traits have been added explaining the cleanliness state of the players home and bonuses/downsides of the current cleanliness score.

-Home cleanliness room descriptions – Rooms in your home will now describe how clean/unclean they are.

– Manual home cleaning option – Player can spend an action/energy to clean their home.

– Furniture vacuum robot – Players can purchase a vacuum robot, which when used in their home will automatically clean a little each day.

– Furniture cleaning supplies – Players can purchase a box of cleaning supplies, which when used in their home will make player and NPC cleaning actions more effective.

– Mari clean up descriptions – After Mari’s quest has been complete, players can pay 1000 G.G.P to have Mari cleaned up so she looks more presentable. This includes an alternative character image for the character (Suggested by TriniTDM)

– Mari clean up scenes – After Mari’s quest has been complete, players can talk to her and then pay 1000 G.G.P to have Mari cleaned up so she looks more presentable. Doing so will lead to a scene where Mari and the player go shopping (Suggested by TriniTDM)

– Deg Brothel single tail whip job encounter – In this new job encounter for the Deg Brothel the player will be bound and receive a single tail whipping.

– Deg Brothel public watersports urinal encounter – In this watersports job encounter for the Deg Brothel the player will be used as a public urinal.

– Deg Brothel private watersports urinal encounter – In this watersports job encounter for the Deg Brothel the player will be used as a private urinal.

– Microwave – The microwave kitchen upgrade now has content attached to it, allowing the player to order one of three meals at a G.G.P cost.

– Microwave meals – The three meals available to the player for order through the microwave are; mac & cheese, a burger meal, or a curry. The mac & cheese causes random transformation effects, the burger will increase the players weight, and the curry is a normal meal. These will have more importance when the hunger/thirst system is eventually added.

– Tilly Quest ask Davis – The first option in Tilly’s dating quest, players can ask Davis for information about her.

– Tilly Quest quest log – The quest log for Tilly’s dating quest is now fully finished and ready for the rest of the quest to be added.

– Pregnancy duration difficulty option added to the game (Suggested by maid Andrea)

– Jess quest time limit reminder added (Suggested by liltria)

– 7 new rugs.

– 7 new rug images for the room image system by Silverjile.

– Villin date typo error fixed (Thank you maid Andrea)

– Jess sleeping space error fix (Thank you CboyC95)

– Gloryhole first time sex stat fix (Thank you narrator&nibbles)

– Exhibitionist prostitution job sex bug (Thank you narrator&nibbles)

– Child naming bug fix (Thank you maid Andrea)

– Destiny character description fix (Thank you CboyC95)

– Permanent impregnations bug fix (Thank you maid Andrea)

– Fem/Sissy Trainer Fem S2 pierce tag fix (Thank you maid Andrea)

– Maid cafe tipping error fix (Thank you maid Andrea)

– Examine upper ear piercing fix (Thank you maid Andrea)

– Diaper adventure typo fix (Thank you smolbat)

– Tilly birthing fix (Thank you J Cub)

– Room trait fix (Thank you smolbat)

– Potty Training scene 3 fix (Thank you smolbat)

– Trainer Help Desk image fix (Thank you CboyC95)

– ABDL job misc scene diaper bug fix (Thank you smolbat)

– Fem/Sissy Trainer Panty no-choice scene (Thank you smolbat)

– Sexual Hub holiday encounter bug (Thank you Draco)

– Trainer record minor reformat (Thank you Draco)

– Messiness code bug fix (Thank you smolbat)

– Gym membership bug fix (Thank you CboyC95)

– Pink Outpost underwear examine fix (Thank you CboyC95)

– Skin colour change fix (Thank you TriniTDM)

– Lots of variables.

– A few minor bug fixes.

Rating: 2.7/5. From 93 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

The Dev just hasn’t thought out some of the Sissy Trainer content. He has her put the player in chastity, which stays in place by fitting snuggly around the balls. But then she gives you a serum which shrinks your balls dramatically. The player wouldn’t need to remove the chastity device, because realistically after a few days it would just fall off. It doesn’t, so what’s holding it in place?

Anonymous Fapper

Some parts of the game make no sense. By Day 12 I was fully trained in makeup techniques and had a job in the salon. Yet on Day 22, the femme trainer is offering to teach me basic makeup, totally ignoring the fact I was already a fully trained beautician. Having provided the option, surely the Dev must have realised some people would have decided to get training before someone told them to.

Anonymous Fapper

Unless you specifically want to be feminised gradually, I wouldn’t choose the femme/sissy trainer option. Because it totally spoils the immersion, when your character is making big strides elsewhere towards transition, but in this area of the game still acts like he wants to retain his masculinity, and the trainer is determined to make you into a really prissy version of herself.

Anonymous Fapper

Why does the Feminine/Sissy Trainer ignore everything else you are doing in the game?. She’s trying to teach me stuff in the 4th week, that I learned elsewhere in week 1. That part of the game doesn’t seem to take account of choices you’ve already made in other parts of the game

E. Cartman

The developer name is Mr. Garrison

Anonymous Fapper


Mr Slave

Jesus christ!

Fappy Lad

I first tried this game awhile back and didn’t really think much of it. The problem I have with text-based games are the lack of visuals. Some get around this by using stock images (which completely kill any form of immersion or interest); While others use pixel art (sprites) to represent changes and events.

After seeing the change log — I decided to give it another go. While the ‘visuals’ are a bit crude, I can see them being very effective once they are flushed out a bit more.

Fappy Lad

If you skimmed over or found lacking — Give it another go.

Not perfect but definitely improved!

I look forward to future updates.