The Repurposing Center

“The Repurposing Center” is an interactive erotic fiction about a dystopian not too distant future in which undesirables are carted off the streets by government capture vans so they can be repurposed into something more valuable to society.

You find yourself in this very situation, trapped within the facility, being changed both physically and mentally to suit the whims of potential buyers who are your only way out.

The game is a sandbox life simulator within “The Repurposing Center” where players will need to partake in work, training and socialization in order to secure themselves a happy ending when they finally place themselves up for auction.

Developer: Jpmaggers – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux / HTML
Language: English
Genre: Transformation ,Group Sex, Prostitution, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Degradation, Corruption, Hypnotism, Bimbofication, BDSM, Bondage, Cum, Maid, Pregnant, Lactation, Water Sports, Anthro, Furry, Enema, Scat, Sissy, Chastity, Futanari

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “The Repurposing Center.html” to start playing.


– Fem/Sissy Trainer Fem/Masc Preference Visit – The third visit (overall) by the Fem/Sissy Trainer will see her ask the player whether they’d prefer to be feminine or masculine.

– Fem/Sissy Trainer Makeup Visit – The fifth visit (overall) by the Fem/Sissy Trainer will see her give the player some makeup items, and then ask them to choose a makeup style for her to put on them.

– Fem/Sissy Trainer Sexual Preference Visit – The seventh visit (overall) by the Fem/Sissy Trainer will see her ask the player their opinion on casual sex.

– Fem/Sissy Trainer Tea & Dress Visit – The ninth visit (overall) by the Fem/Sissy Trainer will see her offer to take the player on a trip out to a nice tea house, though the player will have to wear a dress for her to let them come with her. The player will get to keep the dress if they agree.

– Fem/Sissy Trainer Grading Visit Main – The eleventh visit (overall) by the Fem/Sissy Trainer will see her grade the player and put them on the branch of her training she thinks they fit best. Players who do not have sissy content active will always be put on the feminization path, however may get a punishment if they would have been put on the sissy path. This punishment is sex and/or cum addiction.

– Fem/Sissy Trainer Grading Visit Forfeit – During the grading visit the player will have the option to do an ‘extra credit’ assignment for Laura where they’ll have to wear pink lingerie in public and apologise for being a bad student to passers-by. Players doing this will either get 3000 G.G.P, the choice of which course branch they want to be on, or will get out of their punishment depending on how they’ve performed so far in her training.

– Fem/Sissy Morning Fem Boost – After visit eleven on the Fem/Sissy Trainer content the player will have recieved a booster treatment that slowly transforms them over time as they sleep. The fem booster will always default to giving the player a vagina if they lack one, otherwise the other changes have a 50% chance of occuring.

– Fem/Sissy Morning Sissy Boost – After visit eleven on the Fem/Sissy Trainer content the player will have recieved a booster treatment that slowly transforms them over time as they sleep. The sissy booster will always default to giving the player a penis if they lack one, otherwise the other changes have a 50% chance of occuring.

– (Com) Cat-Maid Milk Sale – Players can now sell their lactation to the cat-girls of Pussy Lickers if certain criteria are met. Players will breastfeed the various cat-girls, and be paid either 300 G.G.P for 100 ml, or 400 G.G.P for 200 ml. This will also boost the cat-girl relationship score.

– Permanent Piercings Experiment – Available at Alice’s Experimentation Lab, repeatable, and paying 500 G.G.P, players can volunteer to get a random permanent piercing. Players who don’t have a piercing hole in the slot selected will have one made, and if no piercing jewellery is already fitted in the slot a random piercing will be added, before the item is locked and is no longer removable.

– Permanent Piercings Counter – Players can also pay to unlock their permanent piercings. This will cost 2500 G.G.P for unlocking one piercing, 5000 G.G.P for up to 3 piercings, and 10000 G.G.P to unlock more. Unlocked piercings will not be removed from the player, and can be kept.

– Permanent Piercings Chess Man Forfeit – The Chess Man in his chess game content can now inflict permanent piercings on the player in the same manner as the experiment if they get a major forfeit.

– Allie Quest 2 Start – Players who have finished the first Allie task can now get a new one by talking to her, being tasked to stand naked in public with a sign telling people to kiss and fondle them in exchange for 1000 G.G.P and a decent boost to their relationship with Allie, this needs to be done 3 times.

– Allie Quest 2 Main Task – During the main task players will strip naked, wear a sign board, and receive various interactions with NPC’s who will kiss and grope them.

– Allie Quest 2 End – Upon completing the task players will be given 1000 G.G.P and a relationship boost with Allie, along with Allie praising them heavily and mentioning that she’ll figure out more tasks for them to do.

– Allie Quest 2 Quest Log – Relevant quest log entries relating to the quest have also been added.

– Sissy-Play fetish tag added.

– Chastity-Play fetish tag added.

– Piercings-And-Tattoos-Play fetish tag added.

– Nightly Trainer visits option added to the game.

– Minor Feminization Trait added.

– Minor Sissification Trait added.

– Base Fem/Sissy S2 Feminization random visits code written.

– Base Fem/Sissy S2 Sissy random visits code written.

– Diaper Racing Malus bug fix (Thank you UsernamePending)

– Spunkies shop fix (Thank you CboyC95)

– ABDL Dragon Mom adventure cookie eating with gag in bug fixed (Thank you UsernamePending)

– Height typo fixed (Thank you Sorreah)

– Self diaper change bug fixed (Thank you WubWubPwny & CboyC95)

– Jess roommate image fix (Thank you Good Gentleman & Serendipity)

– Permanent piercings bug fixed (Thank you Draco)

– Upper ear piercings shop bug fixed (Thank you Draco)

– Allie task 2 repetition fix (Thank you Draco)

– Diaper Racing Aurora sandbox challenge fix (Thank you Draco)

– Night time trainer check fix (Thank you Draco)

– Wake up general scene fix (Thank you Draco)

– Lowered ABDL Trainer task chance from 1/2 to 1/4.

– Trainer visits code update.

– Fem/Sissy Trainer code rework.

– Thank you list from August 2020 – May 2021 updated.

– Lots of new variables

– Reconfigure Fem/Sissy Trainer map

– A few minor bug fixes.

Rating: 2.6/5. From 75 votes.
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E. Cartman

The developer name is Mr. Garrison

Anonymous Fapper


Fappy Lad

I first tried this game awhile back and didn’t really think much of it. The problem I have with text-based games are the lack of visuals. Some get around this by using stock images (which completely kill any form of immersion or interest); While others use pixel art (sprites) to represent changes and events.

After seeing the change log — I decided to give it another go. While the ‘visuals’ are a bit crude, I can see them being very effective once they are flushed out a bit more.

Fappy Lad

If you skimmed over or found lacking — Give it another go.

Not perfect but definitely improved!

I look forward to future updates.

Anonymous Fapper

The earliest post I can find for this game is from 2018… there’s novels of text for stuff that doesn’t mean anything and about 5 lines for sex scenes. It won’t take you very long to get through all the content becasue there really isn’t much. By day 7 I already had enough GGP to buy everything in the game I’d want. Go get some cat ears and a cat tail put on and work for the Cat Maid Cafe and earn 1000-1600 GGP 3 times a day and I’m only Rank 5, dunno if it gets even easier with higher ranks.

Anonymous Fapper

Oh yeah, the point of the 2018 part was… I don’t think this game gets updated very often. If this is all the game has after around 3 years it’s another text based game that gets minimal effort put into it.
Put in smallest amount of effort, acquire Patreons, live the good life. Seems to be the way Text games work.



Anonymous Fapper

You’re a dude that is given a backstory that is completely thrown out he window because he has to be transformed into a sissy and later a woman, and you have to be a subbed slut. No other outcome. Shit game. Shit writing. Shit gameplay. HTML. Do as others say and back the hell away.

Anonymous Fapper

What other would you recommend?

Anonymous Fapper

student xchange program?

Anonymous Fapper

If you’re looking for text based games. How about Fall of Eden, Corruption of Champions, Trials in Tainted Space, or Sex Doll? The first one is incomplete and abandoned and the fourth one is still brand new.

Anonymous Fapper

There’s also Free Cities.
It’s abandoned, but honestly it’s really good.
(My only problem with it is that it’s also HTML)
Btw, HTML games are likely easier to make than Renpy or using Javascript.

Anonymous Fapper

There’s a fork of free cities called pregmod which is still being actively developed and massively expanded since FC was abandoned. Best html game of it’s kind I’ve played. Has just about every perversion you can image.