To Hell and Back
Developer: Slonique
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Spaceship location, TitJob, BlowJob

1. Extract and run.

Update 3
– Added “play saber” option with Natasha.
– Added “play poker” option with Chrystal.
– Added 8 new erotic scenes.
– Added 1 side event where you can get a permanent boost to one of your stats.
Rating: 2.6/5. From 29 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Dead Game


like many others I have played (a somewhat loose term) through nearly all of slonique’s projects. sadly this will just be more of the same. I always thought developers developed…………obviously not.

Anonymous Fapper

it’s a version 0.1 you shouldn’t expect much of it

Anonymous Fapper

Typical Slonique game. Nice renders, pointless game.

Anonymous Fapper

Oh, and the 3 “sex scenes” are a single render each, really no effort has gone into this. Kinda obvious that a Renpy game with Daz3D renders that’s only 60MB is gonna have no effort.

Anonymous Fapper

Obviously you don’t have a fking clue about creating renders in Daz3d. They take hours each. Still … the game does not have enough content to publish yet.

Anonymous Fapper

That includes the latest update 3 renders. The rooms are jpegs prolly downloaded from elsewhere. So that makes 22 Daz renders TOTAL. The models are generic enough to be Rendorosity purchases. So what pro info are you gonna share Mr. Affect3D?

Anonymous Fapper

large time frames for renders is true but not always, u can easily slap a render together in like 20 minutes, most of those large time frames are usually due to creating full scenes, not pre rendered bgs with 1 or 2 models tossed in, i have see those bgs used in other games so theyre premade, im guessing all the dev does is simple posing, its all dependant on effort, and given the fact that the game hasnt been updated since feb, im guessing it was dropped due to negative feedback

Anonymous Fapper

Actually, Daz renders often don’t take hours.
The most high quality renders, made on high quality computers will often take hours, but from the preview images shown on this game, it’s not easy to tell how high quality these renders here are. I haven’t played the game, so I won’t make a judgement on that, but often as much is done in post production to make renders look good as is done during actual Daz rendering.