Vae Victis - Khan: Conquer, Ravish, Breed

A prince, an escaped prisoner, a usurper, a sexual abuser, a fighter. Karder Dal-Arouya is many things but has one goal in life: to conquer the empire stolen from him by his treacherous queen mother.

Guide Karder in the game Vae Victis – Khan: Conquer, Ravish, Breed on his adventures to reclaim his throne. On his quests you will meet friends and foes, powerful beasts and sexy rulers. Dominate your defeated foes and decide whether you want to use and abuse them for your dark pleasures or convince them to aid you with their skills and knowledge.


[*]Seductive rulers to defeat and decide their fate: whether to sexually abuse them in your dungeons or to recruit them to your council and eventually subdue them.

[*]Quick and fun Rock, Scissors, Paper based one on one combat with some interesting twists such as aggressive or defensive attacks, subdue attacks for taking your (sexy) opponents unharmed and more.

[*]Fiefdom management aspect: increase your Troops and Gold reserves so you can wage wars on new fiefdoms but monitor your fiefdoms Morale and Obedience lest you lose them to rebellions.

[*]Mini quests for sabotaging enemy fiefdoms, obtaining powerful magical artifacts and more.

[*]Strong impregnation theme, most sexual encounters will elaborate on Karder’s desire to dominate and breed his defeated opponents.


Developer: Doorknob22 – Subscribestar | Itch | Discord | Patreon | Steam | Boosty | Twitter |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Big Tits, Male Domination, Superpowers, Strategy, Management, Combat, Turn Based Combat, Stripping, Groping, Big Ass

Extract and run.


– This is the second largest release ever
– MK2 combat – a brand new way to fight army Vs. army fights! I did not write a tutorial for it yet, so if you want to experiment you’ll have to do some guessing (though it’s pretty straightforward, I think). MK2 combat can be toggled off in the game’s settings. In the near future, I intend to flesh out this system with Wenches and/or buildings giving different bonuses to armies.
– Skip 5 turns: one of the less fun aspects of running the map game was the need to excessively click “next turn”. In this version I have added another button which skips 5 turns but breaks the skipping if something important happens. You will find you now do more actual managing and less turn skipping.
– Tentative: Achievements. I intend to add Achievements to the final 0.11 Steam release of March 1. They are not currently in the version (actually one test Achievement is) but I really want to push them in before the Steam release.

– More meta story continuation!
– Meet the mysterious and reclusive Nabi-Shal and their unlikely partners, the hot-headed centaurs. And how does a cute, foul mouthed goblin girl fit in?

Old saves should work. If you’re unable to use old saves, you may start a new game but by activating VN Mode (the Settings -> Toggle Game Settings to disable most strategic aspects of the game) and using quest Skip ‘n Win and Chicken button in combat, you can quickly recapture your former fiefdoms.

Rating: 3.7/5. From 352 votes.
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