Vae Victis Khan

A prince, an escaped prisoner, a usurper, a sexual abuser, a fighter. Karder Dal-Arouya is many things but has one goal in life: to conquer the empire stolen from him by his treacherous queen mother.

Guide Karder on his adventures to reclaim his throne. On his quests you will meet friends and foes, powerful beasts and sexy rulers. Dominate your defeated foes and decide whether you want to use and abuse them for your dark pleasures or convince them to aid you with their skills and knowledge.

Developer: doorknob22 – Subscribestar | | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3D, Adult, Dark Fantasy, Erotic, Fantasy, impregnation, LGBT, NSFW


  • Added VN Mode for those who don’t want to deal with running a Khaganate. In the top left corner of the Citadel you’ll find a button called VN Mode. Clicking it will toggle VN mode on and off. While in VN mode Obedience is set to 120 in all your fiefdoms, Morale is set to 20 and all army battles are won automatically.
  • Having 30 troops in the garrison will now increase Obedience much faster and reliably.
  • Added another number to the Obedience stat in Fiefdom screen: you have the base Obedience and the effective Obedience, i.e. Obedience when factoring the troops in your garrison. This way you’ll know exactly what the Obedience will drop to once you take troops to war.
  • Fixed a bug where all fiefdoms stopped yielding after you receive the “end of content”.
  • Fixed a rare and annoying bug where the game would crash under certain conditions during Alam and Domia’s flows.
Rating: 3.2/5. From 68 votes.
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please add incest ntr


If it wasn’t clear from the opening prison scene, incest is coming. Also: in the Tinpingia quest quest, you have Izmi and Gaal, the sweet elfkin twins doing all sort of nasty things to each other.


Underated game guys. It’s not that bad.


Hi guys.

I’m the dev, Doorknob22. You can find my d130rd at zP5FH9x8hv, I’m almost always there. Currently working on version 0.4.

Anonymous Fapper

I feel like if you want to make a game with some form of combat you would have an easier time using any other engine besides renpy


1.64gb for a 20mins game where you don’t have much to do. And conquer only 3 kingdom. Waste no time fappers. Story is good but gameplay is too average


You probably skipped the quests, thinking they were simply minigames but they are not, they are small quests on their own. The playing time for version 0.3.16 is estimated between 6-8 hours. Most of the action (and sex!) takes place during the quests.


It seems like you skipped the quests. Most of the playing (and fucking) is done in the infiltration missions. Playing the quests should add some 6-8 hours to your play time.