12 Goddesses

In the game 12 Goddesses Biden (name changeable) – a 69-year-old man, put on headphones and hid in his house to watch JAV as usual.

BOOM! A plane crashed into the old man’s house. he died. Old Biden’s soul flew through time and space.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself lying under a cliff, in the body of a weak and small teenager. He has transmigrated into another world!

This is not an isekai where the protagonist gets an OP power from some gods, then becomes the champion in another world.

12 Goddesses is a story of friendship, love, sweat, tear, blood, and passion (based on the original novel “12 Nữ Thần” by Slaydark).

Watch how Biden transforms from a weak, impotent boy into the strongest man in The Extraordinary Generation. (Yes, there will be a lot of battle scenes and spicy scenes too…)

Developer: HK Production – PatreonSubscribeStarItch | Twitter | Discord |
Censored: No
OS: Window, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, Vietnamese
Genre: 3dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, titfuck, fantasy, combat, groping, handjob, harem, humor, adventure, superpowers, male domination, male protagonist, milf, oral sex, school setting, vaginal sex, footjob, masturbation, mobile game, voiced, Virgin

Extract and run.


This is a big-size release (~45-60 mins of content). The whole game is now a total of ~7 hours of content.


  • A big release and a satisfaction conclusion of the Four Academies Competition Act
  • With three new spicy scenes. (Yeah, three scenes)
  • Introduce a new girl and new enemy for the next act

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Anonymous Fapper

Never knew some one had shuts a fetish for sleepy Joe probably go’s “Mha MR. President deeper harder fuck me in the ass harder” when jacking off man Lets go Brandon!

Anonymous Fapper

Grammar gave up on you.


Came here to say how Gravity gave up on him. Dude popped an anurism midsentence for sure, cause I don’t know how else would he had the time to finish his paragraph before posting. So what he typed had to make perfect sense in his head, in contrast to whatever the fuck we ended up reading. ….. Right?

Anonymous Fapper

This game gets way better if you have any fortitude. This is a game that you have to start at nothing, and then earn the power. It can be a rewarding experience. But some people may not be able to push through the ADHD and are expecting instant gratification. For those people, I recommend you look else where.

I think the game is getting good for the most part. I still havent really figured out how the MC has a google connection from another world working inside his head. But I guess if I dont have problem with the concept of magic, I can get past this too.

Anonymous Fapper

Agreed. The game does get way better. As soon as you hit the QUIT button, it becomes 1,000 times better.

Anonymous Fapper

“expecting instant gratification”

People want porn???? Unbelievible.

Clearly slowburnnation is not the right place to this.

Anonymous Fapper

Rancid trash. Game just insults you.


I agree. I got furious at it and quit within 5 minutes. All this piece of shit game does is attack and humiliate you from the start.   I guess either this fuckhead dev doesn’t want anyone to actually play his garbage game, or it’s another trash game for simpy beta cuck losers who enjoy being humiliated.

Because this game already had hints of NTR at the start, I’m going with it’s another worthless piece of shit for cuck trash.

Anonymous Fapper

Oh stfu and play the game til the end and dont judge a book by ita cover so easily you played it when it was still in the early development

worthless garbage

A Joe Biden game with no lolis?

Anonymous Fapper

I demand children to sniff if I’m playing as Joe

Anonymous Fapper

And no futa to biden?

Anonymous Fapper

The futa is Big Mike aka Michelle Obama

Anonymous Fapper

So the mc is op or not?