You’ve lost your job, but that’s ok you work too hard anyway. You’ve lead a pretty boring life so far, so many this is the perfect opportunity to change things up, and feel what it means to be Alive.​

An 18+ Visual Novel – with a few small optional minigames.

Developer: CSkin – Patreonitch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Visual Novel, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, 3DCG, Animated Sex, Titjob, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex

Unzip and run.


– Added Chapter 5! Chapter 5 continues the story, and starts our adventure at the beach house! Chapter 5 comprises of over 750 images, 10k+ words, plus 3 new scenes of animation.

– Fixed a bajillion typos in the early game. Probably created new ones for Ch5. (And already fixed a few thanks to a couple proofreaders and bug testers for your help!)

– Added a pre-game warning about the existence of potential scenes of a violent nature.

– Added (TWO!) optional textboxes. For now they’re mostly placeholders and if I can I’ll improve the look in future updates, but they were the best I could do on short notice. Also added an optional slider for textbox opacity! Head into the options menu where you’ll find new options to choose your textbox and set your preferred opacity level.

– Made a few changes to the choice menu that pops up periodically. Two main changes are: It has been moved up slightly on the screen, and now larger menus have a scrollbar allowing you to scroll through the menu. Not very relevant now as the only menu I know of that might scroll off screen has multiple disabled options, but may become relevant in future updates.

-Fixed some small errors causing certain scenes to load twice (And in one case an early animation scene wouldn’t play). It all works now!

– Fixed accidently skipping over a few scenes. Now you’ll see them!

– Fixed a possible softlock if minigames were enabled. No more infinite loops!

– Fixed a few bugs that no one probably even noticed. Now you never will! Most likely introduced at least two new ones as well!

Rating: 2.9/5. From 32 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

V1.0 PC completed / another site / not compressed / 4,1GB

– Added over 2100 new renders, a dozen+ animations, and over 20k words.
– Tweaked volleyball difficulty. If minigames are disabled, it remains unchanged. With them enabled, easy mode (erin) is still painfully easy… The other 2 have seen an increase in difficulty. As a side note, Erin win or lose has no effect other than dialogue and a few renders immediately following the match. Winning or losing with Nikki affects a scene, and winning or losing with Mary can have a major storyline effect. (Only if you’re on a certain path. If you’re not, it’s the same as with Erin).

Anonymous Fapper

in 0.6
1 girls get shooted
useless brother too.
Hope girls recovery. And brother not hhahahahah. Not interesed in bromance.

Don’t make sense copy only the more shit thing of Pinkcake (random nonsense dead), without 1% of porn content of games of PinkCake.

Anonymous Fapper

So ypu are a fan pf vanilla games for pussy wimpy virgin boys who dont know shit about sex and thinks lame vanilla crap like ” Being a Cuk” is a “master piece” right ?

Anonymous Fapper

I have no interest in vanilla gay bromance. Sorry.
I prefer porn content with girls. All porn content with girls.

But if you prefer gay vanilla. Its your preference. No shame on you.

Anonymous Fapper

I like it, nicely done, animations are cool and i prefer games that i can replay to see another route, well written too, i´ll be looking for more of this

Anonymous Fapper

You can try Twisting Vines. Element 174. The Way. Ataegina. Summer Scent. Multiple (short) routes.
I don’t like. But fit with your preferences.

Anonymous Fapper

Decent models, choices with impact (actually determining the girl so far at least), just not very original, but not bad at all. Worth a download, So far I’d give it 3/5, maybe 3.5/5

Anonymous Fapper

is this the one where the plane crashes and they eventually eat each other?