Bite: Season One

“This story is about a boy who lives a boring life, where he struggles to make ends meet with his part-time job at a fast food joint by which he pays his college fees……until a night where a bite changes his life forever.

In this game, you will encounter various beasts, witches, wolves, hunters and various types of vampires. Will you be able to survive the bite? Even if you survive the bite, will you be able to control your urges and survive in this most dangerous world?”

Developer: Blue Dragon Studios – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Adult, Fantasy, Horror, Male Protagonist, College setting, Romance, Superpowers, Mind control, Animated

Extract and run

Episode 6 Part 1

– 358 new renders.

– 3 new adult scene animations.

– 5 new scenes have been added.

– 4 new music has been added.

– Fixed the scene where Eva is called as Unknown instead of Eva.

– Fixed some errors and bugs as well.

Rating: 3.8/5. From 88 votes.
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Apparently this Dev have high skill in models and renders, but not enough skill in story writing.
Way too many unwanted texts and little to no sex scenes. 6 episodes and only 2 “sex” scene with a main character.
AND SURPRISINGLY IT’S FREE!   :wpds_unamused: 

Anonymous Fapper

The newest update is really just nothing but a disappointment, The entire village dispute is nothing less than retarded, some bitch ass villagers give up land to settlers voluntarily, then steal some of it back because they can’t grow crops and refuse to learn methods of farming which would help them and then proceed to try and steal the remaining land they gave up, and the fucking solution is taxing the settlers, not telling the greedy dipshit villagers to fuck off, not making them learn the new farming methods to produce better crops. Just absolutely retarded. What a false act of peaceful negotiations reminds of Government in real life absolute trash lower than dog shit. I’m just sitting here reading the fucking text going what the absolute fuck this entire situation is DUMB, the MCs responses are DUMB and fucking Andrews thoughts make me laugh hysterically because they’re so DUMB. Also all of the one option choice pop ups are extremely unnecessary and unwanted.


Imagine u have a bathtub with information and u u try to press it together in a jar.. the result will be like this game… sloppy and forced…. so this is for the dev. if u don’t wan’t a game with tons of text, don’t try to make a game where there is a lot of need to explaining…sorry to say this but this game is badly made

Anonymous Fapper

Dev/MC gay/virgin?
No sexual tags.
First image… MaleMale… kiss in the neck… NOOOO …”bite” in the neck. “not gay”.

Anonymous Fapper

when i 1st tried this out i was liking it but now it’s becoming kind of dull, there’s to much time in-between choices, and im also disapointed there’s barely any sexual activity in this game, im constantly having trouble focusing on it but with how little interaction we’ve got in this game i’m just not getting anything from it