Black Garden

Black Garden is a free Adult fantasy RPG game about a young adventurer who gets defeated by the “Demon Lord” and is forced to become her minion. Starting at the lowest rank in the Demon Realm’s army you are sent to a remote Goblin village to help with morale. You soon discover that the Demon Realm is populated mainly by lusty female Monster Girls and that your role as a minion of the lowest rank primarily involves being the village bicycle to raise morale and minion numbers for the Demon Realm’s army. Will you rise through the ranks using your hard work and dedication, or will you sleep your way to the top and reclaim your stolen soul from the “Demon Lord”?

The game is not heavily plot focused and is designed to give players significant freedoms in how they approach their day to day lives as they build up their reputation with the locals and explore the ever expanding world.

Black Garden features a myriad of fetishes with the primary focus being on femdom. However, it is possible to avoid all sexual encounters by focusing on the exploration, farming and crafting aspects of the game.

Developer: FeyRing – Itch.ioPatreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Female domination, Adventure, Anal sex, Bdsm, Big ass, Big tits, Monster girl, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Vaginal sex, Elf, Magic

1. Extract and run.


  • [W][A][S][D] / Arrow keys – Movement
  • [SPACEBAR] / [ENTER] / [Z] – Confirm/Interact/Talk
  • [ESCAPE] / [Numpad0] / [X] – Menu/Exit/Cancel
  • [T] – Toggle Clock
  • [SHIFT] – Sprint/Skip Text
  • [F5] – Toggle Full Screen
  • [F6] – Toggle Screen Size


  • Aria will now accept clothing and you can dress her up or strip her down!
  • Goblin Merchant will now accept commissions on her stock, allowing you to manipulate her selection for your next visit.
  • The Goblin that gives you the basic introduction to Farming will now provide you with five Potato Seeds if you listen to her explanation.
  • Volume Controls have been added to the Menu.
  • You can now replay Saffron’s Brothel Scene from her Night Time Menu but you must first encounter that scene after the game update.
  • Forest Chest has been relocated to Emerald Road’s hidden glade area, a new Forest Key has been placed in the chest’s former location.
  • Fixed Bugs related to the new Tool functions.


  • Ability to Impregnate Aria if you are Married to her. She will have the pregnant variant of her bust art and a pregnant variant of the CG in the scene where you bend her over the Cauldron, there are a few lines of text added to that scene as well. A few days after impregnation, she will lay an Egg, which you can find on her bed.
  • You can interact with the Egg to help it hatch sooner, otherwise it’s Incubation will increase passively each day.
  • Once the Egg hatches, your Tengu daughter will run around the second floor during the Day and sleep in the bed at Night. If both ends of the bed are taken up by Aria and your Daughter, you wont be able to sleep in it.
  • You can help raise your Daughter by giving her Toys as Gifts, Playing with her and Tutoring her. Once all of her 3 bars are filled, you will be able to impregnate Aria again to start the whole process from stage one. Aria will refuse to get pregnant until her daughter is fully raised!
  • Once you have 2+ daughters with Aria, they will sometimes visit the store and play around outside.
  • A Search function has been added to the Item Menu, courtesy of greenarrow25. You can use keyboard input to type out the item name. Once you Searched for the Item, you can assign a Hotkey to it as well instead of using it.
  • Cucumbers have been added as farm-able plants along with one recipe for them. Seeds for Cucumbers can be bought of the Goblin Merchant as with all the other Vegetable Seeds.
  • Most of the farm-able plants have been changed to allow you to walk through them, this includes plants that spawn in the wild. Bushes and Trees will still block pathing. Keep in mind, if you already had plants on your farm or in the wild, those will function as before and you wont be able to move through them until you gather them and they are replanted/respawned.
  • Stardust has been added to the game, it spawns at Night like various other Misc Spawns (eg: Eggs, Feathers). Aria has a new Recipe stashed away in her Bookcases that teaches a new way to make Catalyst Potions using Stardust.
  • Mortar & Pestle, Chopping Board/Table and Tanning Knife have been reworked to use the crafting interface to replace the buggy interface they had before.
  • Thesis weapons have been buffed to give +2 INT.

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Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Was about to try this one and then saw the Saffron pic under the Images… Shrek porn, pot bellies and areolas matching said belly? Might be a good game, but taste has limited my time…:P

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Pot bellied? I’m pretty sure that’s her pregnant :3

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

If the “Demon Lord” is female…

Shouldn’t they instead be called the “Demon Lady”?

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

*Glances at the cover image with the Title*

*Looks again*

HOLY SHIT THAT’S A HALO. (Actual term: Ring World)


Can I play in joiplay

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

One thing wich is really bad is leveling system in skills for example: Warrior in woodcutting – it takes ages to master woodcutting and not logical twice too my sugestion is that you could do bit rebalancing skill tree farming (dont mean exp given to you that is good and money too) but I mean leveling up that skill to better level cuase it take really long time if I should count it it was around 5 or 6 hundred times before I was on level to and that is lot but good game from me 4/5 for leveling

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

I think you mean… “The leveling system is really bad–skills, for example. It takes ages for a warrior to master woodcutting and it makes no sense. Also, I’d suggest dev rebalance the farming skill (not less experience or $) such that you can level it up faster. It takes forever, and hurts a game I’d otherwise enjoy… Would have been 5 stars if not for the grinding…” [Google translate 10 years ago would have done better…sheesh people…]

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper