Blossom of Pleasure

In this open world, men are the oppressed gender. Without their mistress, they have no free decision making power. However, it is up to you whether this will always be the case. As the chosen one, you must first unfold your powers and decide whether you will lead this world to ruin or usher in a new era.
Get to know different personalities on your journey and experience a variety of fetishes.​


Developer: Bildur – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Big Tits, Incest, Milf, Teasing, Drugs, Masturbation, Humiliation, Sissification , Female domination, Adventure, Point & click, Sandbox, Graphic violence, Mind control

1. Extract and run.
Patch Instructions:
Place patch.rpyc in the game folder – BlossomOfPleasure/game



  • gardening
    eggplant scene
    corn scene
  • hospital
    treatment 2
    treatment 3
    with minigame
    failure and success result
  • living room evening
    animated scene with Riccarda (Handjob)
    needs to be in general good mood
  • the Box
    Riccarda pee
    Adria pee
  • bedroom Riccarda
    alternative scene (when she jerks you off in the night)
    you have to behave in order to get it


  • syringe
  • sounding


  • added option to skip story minigames


  • improved scrollbars (android)
  • fixed main menu background (android)
  • removed garden icon tracking (android)
  • font is selectable
  • performance improvments in the gallery
  • scrollbars are hidden if not needed
  • game menu is now faster


  • added shop
  • added interaction with Cynthia (shop) (NO scenes yet)


  • added different backgrounds
  • added option to change character names (easier to share saves)


  • improved instructions
  • added option to read instructions again


  • improved backward compatibility
    if you have saved in the cafe you will probably auto restart your shift


  • added sprites (increased performance)
    every crop is now shown during harvesting
  • added auto energy transfer
    you can toggle this with a button in the top right corner
  • fixed a bug where fertilizing had no effect


  • added modTranslation.rpy for modders and translators
Rating: 3.0/5. From 216 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

How does the treatment 3 of The MC works?

Anonymous Fapper

so bad, even for a free game

Anonymous Fapper

Story is a bit weird for me. I eventually started to get bored as the guy seemed to be a premature ejaculator and it seemed to mostly focus on that. Idk if it gets better but the lack of action on the girls was disappointing. You get some tease shots but not alot of anything else.

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

Good models, crap setting.

Anonymous Fapper

Good models? You’re fucking high. Lay off the sauce.

Anonymous Fapper

I agree, its grindy as hell, no clear directions, but the models are good, I like the elder sister, she’s really sassy, cool nerdy laid back willing to put out but still quite a cock tease