Layland day after

The story begins the first day of a global epidemic. Most of the human kind is dead. Andrea Johns is left alone by her friend Dave. Help her to make her way in this all new world. Layland characters are back, and a new enemy rises. Be careful, there are three main roads in this game. Connected to the “Layland universe”.​

Developer: Dezgemadev – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Prequels: Butterfly Girl, Confined Town Week 1, Confined Town Week 2, and Confined Town Week 3
Genre: lesbian sex , rape, femdom, sci-fi, anal sex

Rating: 2.7/5. From 121 votes.
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tf is going on in that game – nothing makes sense. The series of random events + dialogues making no sense

Anonymous Fapper

why u espet peeps to understands u hnnn?

Anonymous Fapper

I see someone failed English, no wonder he doesn’t care


Not working in android

Anonymous Fapper

You know what I find shitty?
When people make the comment section an awful place & the mods disable the comments so none of us can read any feedback to decide whether we want to try a game or not.

Anonymous retard

Only games with I know that have disabled comments are Oh Daddy and Who is the Father

Anonymous retard

I wrote it wrong I’m a retard

Anonymous Fapper

Try looking at pic and if it’s fappable then it good.

Canadian Fapper

you’re not wrong

Anonymous Fapper

The APK file for Adroid does not finish the installation.

Anonymous Fapper

You lot are being actual faggots to the creator of the game. Even though you hold disdain towards it, at least acknowledge the effort put in by him and respect that.

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

said the dev itself

Gago Kayong Lahat

ur mum said it


Thank you. If you don’t like my game, it’s not a big deal, and hater that just hate, I don’t care.
Just remember, I do this games because I like to tell storyes. It happens that my storys are sometimes about sex. That’s why I post this game here. On another forums, I’ve found some help and advices. I’ve never found anything constructive on FAP Nation, and that make me a little sad.

Anonymous Fapper

Nice to see the creator join in. I Like your game, but have some pointers. Language is pretty hard to understand sometimes. Seems to be cut short. Goes for the scenes as well. Long jumps in story with little explanation. Cool twist though, story is definately original, and that goes a long way. Good luck!