Brighton City Empire

Brighton City Empire:

A city where looks, money and status (lineage/name) can get you everything you want in the city full of thick, curvy and voluptuous women.

With everyone out for themselves, it can be a cutthroat place to live. Bad things happen to good people all because the elite houses want to maintain control and status. The lower-class citizens tend to suffer, you are living proof.

Living in the slums and watching your Landlady struggle to provide for you after her husband left her for another woman. you vow to yourself every night you will be successful, so she doesn’t ever have to struggle another day of her life. You focus on the game of (American) Football all throughout high school which earns you a scholarship to a well-established university for business.

You desperately want to get out the slums and create your own business empire. Hoping to take the people you love with you, so they don’t have to struggle while also giving others a chance to fulfill their dreams.

You love Sports but your heart has always been in business, football was just a vehicle to help you get there, at least you thought. A tragedy gives you the opportunity to make your dream a reality. How will your empire and house do in this cutthroat, hostile and downright dirty city run by wealthy elites? Will it flourish, crumble or will you bankrupt theirs?

Brighton City Empire is a harem game; besides money and house name, women are a symbol of the elite stature. (In the city of Brighton, you can have as many partners/wives/husbands as long as you’re head of the household, you can be rich, middleclass or poor it doesn’t matter, according to Brighton laws.) The more who are loyal and join your house the more respected and desirable you are to others because to maintain a harem takes wealth and a silver tongue in the eyes of the elite.

Also don’t forget an heir you don’t want your house to end with you, or do you? Set in an alternative modern city of Babylon filled with debauchery you will face significant challenges but can emerge victorious and create an everlasting empire and house name.

Developer: Fatality17 – ItchPatreonSubscribeStarBuyMeaCoffee | Discord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: harem, pregnancy, visual novel, 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, school setting, vaginal sex, oral sex, male domination, creampie, milf, big ass, big tits, anal sex, teasing, voyeurism, groping

Extract and run.


6k+ code/dialog

700+ renders

30+ animations

spell check done and conversations with the men on the phone fixed to where it plays in background as words come up and you’re not held hostage until they’re done talking anymore.

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Rating: 4.0/5. From 112 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I love this game😍

Anonymous Fapper

Is this game has the animation?

Another Anon

Yes. Average animations.

Dialogues are “old school” “Male chauvinist”.
Feminazi girls will hate all conversations. But this is a MALE MC straight game. Then don’t cry if you are feminist. Go play a FMC game.

Exagerated humor. Non sense dialogues. But have a lot of porn content. With “big giris”.

Avoid the game if you are not interesed in “big girls” and “silly humor”.

But for me, worth a try (v0.04). Solid 4 stars game.

Anonymous Fapper

Despite the many negative features this game has (namely, the overwhelming oversized tits & ass women, the lack of any emotional attachment MC has to anyone – esp. his family members, and the fact that every girl he meets or knows is ready and willing to be his breeding slut at the drop of a hat)… I like it for its extensive sex content and choices (dialogue choices during sex) and incest content. After all, it is only a porn game, so don’t expect a story of any kind, but you do get the sex.


Your comment made me curious enough to try it.
You are absolutely right about everything but I like a little better games where you have to get it right to get the prize, here you have to do everything wrong not to get it.
So… yes it was enjoyable, most of the times, but would I play it again?
2.5 stars for me.

Anonymous Fapper

Pete. Go back to Power Vacuum. Go suck grampa dick, sissy boy.

Anonymous Fapper

In power vaccum YOU NEED MAKE ALL WRONG CHOICES to watch dick of Hunter.
And for you the power vaccum shlt is 5*?

Only because gay prize in power vaccum?

Anonymous Fapper

I really don’t understand why people complain so much about CG women being unrealistic. You can just watch a porn video for realism.

I like bigger than real tits. Keep ’em coming.

Anonymous Fapper

For me this game is in THE LIMIT of acceptable.

Chaixas and Epiclust are outside of limits. Too much BIG girls. Or almost “boy muscle girl”.

Game world have space to all girls. And you can love. Another player can hate.

Personally, i prefer game with all variety of girls. 1 big. 1 skinny. 1 blonde. 1 brunette. 1 redhead. Milf. Young. White. Black. More variety of girls is better.
And all “avoidable” if player is not interesed in the big girl. Or in the young girl. Or because too much “slut”…or too much “virgin”.

Anonymous Fapper

i do not bother when the women are deformed no matter how many stars it gets get rid of the 300lb. tits


I agree. Not one average looking woman among the so many … too many female characters. All of them oversized beyond ridiculous.

Anonymous Fapper

And our lovely G Y grampa of Power Vaccum is not here.

Anonymous Fapper

What no shlicking off?

Older fapper

What can I say? This VN is loaded with “thick” women with watermelon size boobs and wide load butts. Not my type. I’ve only seen one real woman once that actually looked like that and it was a BIG turn off. I prefer MILF’s with oversized boobs (not huge!) and smaller butts. But, the plot is interesting. MC inherits a fortune and decides to fill a huge mansion with as many thick women as he can find and knock up. I kept playing to see how that would turn out and was imagining a herd of walking fertility symbols…and then the game ended! More frustration. The sex animations are unique in this one. They are choppy and vigorous with a LOT of really hot dialog. Because of those, I gave it 4 stars.