You play the role of a former military officer, now trying to make a living by trading and scavenging in the vastness of space. Your ship the Callisto and rag-tag crew, experiencing new adventures and relationships along its travels.​

Developer: Xavster Gaming – Patreon | Discord | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Sci-fi, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Milf, Stripping, Vaginal sex, Monster girl, Romance, Sandbox

1. Extract to desired location.
2. Click on “Callisto.exe” to start playing.

– Salvage sharing commodities bug fix
– Minor tweaks

– New intro
– New help screens from top toolbar
– Continuation of main story line
– Side story (Lavarian)
– Kara romantic content
– Julia content
– Tiffany extra-curricular
– Rachel backstory
– Piracy implementation
– Salvage competition
– Gideon strip club animations
– TV episode
– Shower content

– Minor bug fixes
– Dialogue adjustments to side mission 2

Rating: 4.0/5. From 172 votes.
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mom son incest version


This is a game that screams out for a Walkthrough.

Anonymous Fapper

Version 0.50.
I did almost everything but “Club 1”; what do I need to do to activate it?
Also, I have the “Minor event” hint in Kara’s room and, no matter how many times I played the training options, it never activates the event. Is there a sequence in the trainings?
Love the story and I wonder what will happen with the Helleon and the Krillen later.
Only technical issue : when MC makes love to Tanya, this activates 50+ threads and my processor goes up to 60% of use.

Anonymous Fapper

why is it that when you have sex with a girl her love points go down?? not sure that makes sense

Anonymous Fapper

Great core game, but the sex is pretty non existent, The mini story stuff like Basket ball gets old fast.. Also the grind is crazy.