Casey's Fall

Tech student Casey Reine finds herself the victim of a mysterious blackmailer who slowly coerces her into a life she never expected.
This game focus heavily on exhibitionism, CMNF, CFNF, ENF, humiliation, blackmail and public nudity.

Developers: Sakrilas & VelcroFist – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese
Genre: 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Blackmail, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Public Nudity, ENF, OON, Female domination, Humiliation, Male Domination, Masturbation, Sexual Harassment

Extract and run.

Remember to check the Gallery Screen in-game to see which events you haven’t seen yet, and to find hints and tips on how to unlock those events.

Rating: 3.8/5. From 256 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

lol. The whole tattoo nudist thing is… really dumb if I’m honest. I’d remove that whole thing. It was already a stretch but that’s just pure silly fiction.

Anonymous Fapper

Great game. No animations but it doesn’t need it. It’s for someone who loves CMNF, OON etc’.
The blackmailing is great too. You can see that there is a lot of thought in the game. The renders are very good. But I think that there is no post work on them.
I think that sometimes the idea and exexcution of a game is good so you don’t feel like animations are missing.
Keep up the good work dev.

pussy lover

Sorry but looks and sounds like another cuck feast for guys who like dicks more then pussy and another FMC who is going to be around more dicks then pussy. Sorry hard pass cause I like pussy and don’t need to see so many dicks which is pretty much a guarantee with games like these ( wait is it even an actual game or a fake game which is actually a KN cause you have no actually choice cause it will go to a bad ending? ) Yeah definitely a hard pass on this cuck dick fest waiting to happen. That’s just my opinion so no need to get all offended we all like different things nothing wrong with that, I just wish more people would be honest and not hide behind NTR and cuck tags just admit you gay or bi or whatever be proud of who you are. I’m a lesbian and proud of it.

pussy lover

Thanks for proving my point, look how many didn’t like my comment just because I spoke the truth and I offended all the dick lovers who claim to be straight. Well whatever, like seriously though be who you are and be be proud of it stop hiding.


Hey straight or bi or pan women play porn games too, I am a woman, and we like seeing dicks, theres nothing wrong with that.

pussy lover

Never said there was anything wrong with it all I’m saying is gives us the choice, How many MMC games have you seen where they give you a choice for the MC to sleep with a guy? I’d say 1 in a 100 games maybe but almost every FMC game gives you no choice and makes us all look like complete sluts so weather you play MMC or FMC women are sluts who will fuck anything with a dick. I think I make a fair point and yes women do play but it does have more male players so my other comment also has merit

pussy lover

1 more thing. Even lesbians in these games are dick crazy and lesbian paths are also dick focused, so if the majority are males playing what does that tell you? cause I know what it tells me and it is clear as day. I mean no offence to anyone and that is the truth I only say what I see and read nothing more if anyone gets offended by it, it is not my fault

Anonymous Fapper

You are such a smooth brain lol


You make a lot of sense, see your comments I can save time playing one less crap game, thank you my hero, I would rather play lesbian games than see a screen full of dicks.

Anonymous Fapper

I’d be very interested to see you post several lesbian-related titles here. I’m a man but I enjoy the ff genre.


You say “it’s just my opinion” because there’s too much dick and then closes with “just admit you gay or bi or whatever”. Damn, you’re dumb, girl/dude.

People play games like this one because they like to drive female mcs through nasty routes or so. I’m a hetero man and I like female protagonists, it’s a power fetish, like a “god mode”. I like to turn them in total dumb whores – why not, it’s just a game, not real life.There is nothing to do about being “gay or bi or whatever”.

Anonymous Fapper

You are not ready to assume. But you like more of dicks than pussy… bi. Maybe “pan” (if you have shame of term bi).

Anonymous Fapper

Game keeps cutting after i start new game for android vershion pleas fix

Anonymous Fapper

There needs to be more games like this