Sophie: The Girl From The Zone

In Sophie: The Girl From The Zone a mysterious virus has spread, transforming infected people into zombies. The world as we knew it no longer exists. As each person fights for their own survival, whom can you trust? You live your quiet life with two friends in a place called ‘the zone.’ And one day, you meet this girl…

You will start to question your reality…
What if your world was just a hallucination?
What if you were simply crazy?
In that case, how do you know what is real?
And you, are you really who you think you are?

Be careful, each of your choices will have consequences in the more or less long term and more or less serious on the story.  Story of your choice, romantic relationship, sexy, adventure, gore, zombie, post-apocalypse, drawing, 3D,  virus, survival, science fiction, humor, erotic, horror.

* * *

Hello dear player. Welcome to my game. This is a dark and complex story full of twists and turns. Disrupting normal thought patterns leads to suffering and anguish for you, the protagonist. Be prepared for deviations from “normal” gameplay. Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone? If you feel something is not right, don’t worry, for only he who completes the journey reaps his rewards.
Are you ready to question what you thought was real?


Developer: DavyCroquette – PatreonItch | SubscribestarDiscord | Instagram
Censored: No
Previous Title: La Fille de la Zone
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, French, Spanish
Genre: romantic, sexy, adventure, gore, zombie, post-apocalypse, drawing, 3D, virus, survival, science fiction, humor, erotic, horror

Extract and run.


  • Story continuation (30 minutes)
  • 600 new images
  • 17 animations
  • Modification of over 800 3D images
  • Addition of 4 animations at the beginning of the game
  • Bug fixes
  • Reduced difficulty to unlock certain scenes

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Rating: 4.1/5. From 256 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Why the fuck is in that gay language called french??? Ffs

Anonymous Fapper

Android version only has this mirror link, the language is french and there is no even a main menu to change it


PC version has an error on main menu … it only show up error table and wont allow you to go to the main menu unfortunately. Therefore it is impossible to play.

Anonymous Fapper

downloaded by itch, the links of the patched game have been updated it seems to me

Anonymous Fapper

Wow! Better and better ! I love this story, a sort of road movie where lots of things happen, you never get bored for a second!

gerhard linkemeyer pimmelcrew

can sophie release her scat in my mouth?

Anonymous Fapper

Stick to food, water and the great taste of KFC. Leave the shit for the toilets please

Anonymous Fapper

Nah he should defo eat shit and choke to death on it.

Anonymous Fapper

I really liked it. It changes from the other NVs. It was a pleasure to return to this world and I can’t wait for what’s next. The story is well done, the images are beautiful, the adventure is enjoyable. I prefer the basic path with the girls who die on the boat (obviously unlike the other people), because I like the romance with Vicky, I like Linda’s character. And the story is better that way. Then finally we meet the girls later (spoiler) How I’m French, I played in French, so I’m not talking about the English version obviously.

Anonymous Fapper

NV? Nisual Vovels?