Champion of Realms

In a world born of chaos, the ancient gods separated their offspring in hopes of avoiding apocalyptic conflict. They created three distinct, temporal dimensions for each of their respective children, entrusting the crucial task of their children’s survival to one being: the Champion.
For eons, this Champion has watched over the three dimensions. But now, the Champion has vanished without a trace.
The Protagonist, despite his best efforts, is forced to take part in a deadly competition to decide the future Champion… and the fates of all. Will he survive? Or will he be crushed under the weight of fate?
Fortunately, he won’t be alone in this harrowing adventure. Several trustworthy and noticeably beautiful allies will forge this path beside him. Together, surely they can surpass the toughest challenges, and experience the most succulent of pleasures.
What are you waiting for? The adventure awaits…

Developer: Zimon – PatreonDiscord | Itch.ioWiki | Website
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, ahegao, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, exhibitionist fantasy, female domination, footjob, groping, handjob, harem, humor, interracial, male domination, male protagonist, masturbation, monster girl, monster, oral sex, pregnancy, romance, sandbox, sleep sex, teasing, titfuck, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism

1 – Extract and run


Maeve Events

Three new Maeve events are waiting for you, and maybe, you will get something really nice.

Neon Events

Two new Neon events, plus her card and her time transition.

Main Story

This will serve as the glue to continue the stories of the other girls.

Fast transition

I decided that maybe it’s better to speed up the moves of various maps in-game, so I reduced the transition animations between them.


The aesthetics of Mikosh’s and Isabel’s shops have been improved, while Tailé’s and Maribel’s have been temporarily closed.

Tailè minigame

The mini-game of Tailè’s work has been cleaned up and redone, the only thing missing are the new renders.

Grammar and Bugfix

Fixed all errors found so far, fixed bugs such as Mikosh triggering at night, the shops’ problems, and more.

Rating: 4.0/5. From 990 votes.
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It’s amazing that I played this game years ago and it’s STILL incomplete. This is the problem with these amateur game developers. Half of them are just scamming idiots and the other half are just too damn lazy and undisciplined to finish their projects.

Games concept is good and has potential but there are alot of unnecessary add-ons and useless actions and interactions in it. Sex scenes are dull and needs a larger variety of kinks.

MC is the usual moronic faggot that doesn’t seem able to actually ever permeantly solve any of his issues. He constantly leaves his enemies alive, so they can come back later and do more harm to him. And most of the time he is just letting the women walking all over him.

One of the rare good things is the harem concept, though it’s always interactions with the mc and a single girl. Game creator seems to have a phobia in throwing in some 3somes, orgies and bisexual lesbian scenes.


All in all, game has the potential to be great, but isn’t.

Just giving it a 4/10.

And seeing as how we probably have to wait another 50 years before this game is ever completed, I would rather you don’t waste time on it.

Anonymous Fapper

Ngl this is the best porn game I’ve played

Anonymous Fapper

Why does this crash on android now playing on mac is so uncomfortable

Anonymous Fapper

Is actually legal to use Hollow Knight soundtrack inside? Is a serious question for the developer lol

Anonymous Fapper

I think he asked for consent so it’s fine, but I could be wrong and maybe no one’s reported copyright or anything yet, I wouldn’t rely on my response alone but that’s just what I’m assuming on why no copyright have stopped it or why it’s still there at least, I’d just leave it alone because it’s not like anyone would really care or pay attention based on the main focus of the game, but great pointer! (once again this is opinion biased, my info is not verified or researched so I could be wrong

Anonymous Fapper

The story is okay, but the interface needs a serious overhaul. The inconsistency and multiple layers, especially in the second half should be cleaned up, there is no need for me to hit up to 6 buttons to travel to a location.