The new school instructor in town is now teaching at Queen Stone Academy with a lot of hot girls. And back home, he has the best female neighbors. Join the roller coaster ride of our protagonist, who finds himself in the middle of an interesting but challenging daily life.

Developer: LovelyBone – Patreon | Discord | | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Male protagonist, Teacher, Student, Blowjob, Sex, Vaginal sex, Animated, Cum, Oral sex, Anal sex, Sex toys, Creampie, Groping, School setting, Handjob, Fingering, Voyeurism, Softcore, Hardcore, Asian, Brunette, Blonde, Teens, MILF

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “TheGoodInstructorFrenzy.exe” to start playing.

Note for Android users:
Android has been acting a bit unusual.

  1. Save Issues: Some of you might encounter problems with your last saved game. If this happens, try loading an older save. If that doesn’t work, unfortunately, you might need to start the game from the beginning.
  2. Quick Skipping Tip: If you find yourself needing to replay from the start, don’t worry! You can catch up quickly. Go to Settings > Skip > Select Unseen Text. This will allow you to fast-forward to the latest update in no time.
  3. Future Assurance: I understand this isn’t ideal. The reason behind this is that this Android version was constructed using a newer package builder. And hoping that we won’t be facing these issues in future releases.


✅ 550+ rendered images
✅ 23 animations in total (Elite)
✅ Plus, a bonus scene!
✅ New animated main menu screen!
✅ Almost all new videos have 60 frames and above!
Rating: 4.0/5. From 1.5K votes.
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ich lutsche dir den schmalz aus dem ohr

these scum understand only one language. ignore this shit

Anonymous Fapper

Completely censored game unless you purchase it. Don’t bother with this.

Anonymous Fapper

I have the old version .60 on my phone, i was waiting for the game to grow for at least a few updates before i decides to continue the game. Such a shame the new updates 1.0 are required to pay real money to see sex scene. I guess I waited to long. I uninstall the game on my phone, sad to see how greedy these dev are especially when they milk enough from patrons already.

Anonymous Fapper

if you are not really horny, there are sex scenes for free. hehe


Paywalled AND hideously priced Patreon tiers. But these devs don’t care about money.

Anonymous Fapper

Well. Paywall for Sex scenes huh, guess I’m going back to watching free porn as usual.