COED Conquest

You are a college freshman chosen to attend the new special elite study program in the city of ‘Paradise’! In this program you won’t have to pass any exams.. You will have to build a business empire!
Sounds too hard? With the help of your beautiful secretary Kate, and all the (mostly female) friends you make along the way you will be able to overcome anything!

Coed Conquest is a classic dating sim! You travel to different locations, build your stats and purchase items to improve your character. The games skill system is based around d100 rolls which can be manipulated by items and upgrades!

Those don’t come cheap, but don’t fret! As you acquire and upgrade more and more businesses your passive income will increase too! With a full empire no purchase will be out of your reach!

But what would a powerful hero be without his heroines! Try to seduce co-workers, college students, employees and more! Use your skills to your advantage and you will have no trouble to succeed!

Developer: Despiteful – Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Ren’Py, Romance, Visual Novel


New content:

– Three New Heroines! Finish ‘Urban Adventures Quest’ after Kate and Jenny Route to unlock them!

– Existing Heroines can show up at new locations related to the new content!

– Kate, Jenny and Abigail got some new outfits depending on their location!

– Theresa Route reworked! Images redone and or additional ones added!

New features:

– ‘Quest complete’ now has a proper Turn in button, you won’t miss that one!

– Various buttons replaced as I switched to affinity designer!

– Kates happy sprite… Is now a tiny bit less happy…? Maybe I will bring the crazy one back for something else in the future!

– The officer is now female and got her own Sprites! Replay her old scenes, or discover her in the new content!

– The Commander got his own Sprites! Replay the cafe story, or play the new content to see him again!

– There is now a quest for the gentlemen lounge! A lot of people missed it were confused on how to unlock the last girl!

– New Features to earn money! The tower will finally be the center of your business empire! Invest in real estate, buy a marketing plan, or gamble on the stock market!

– Items in Shop now indicate if you already are at max capacity for the item! Number of owned items will be displayed otherwise!

Bug Fixes and Changes:

– Images compressed without much loss, getting us comfortable below 1GB!

– A lot of new language fixes!

– Replay mode should now correctly stay with you after loading!

– Replaced various location renders that didn’t quite fit!

– Text changes to anything related to skill, should now be more clear and less bloaty!

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Rating: 3.0/5. From 96 votes.
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why has the harem tag gone? i noticed it’s missing from devs patreon and itch as well. bait and switch?

Anonymous Fapper

Girls doesn’t look like a 11 years old for me so i didn’t enjoyed much.

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

Yeah, kind of a meh game. I’ve kind of described it as one giant tease – there’s enough here to get me interested, but not enough to get me off. Still I played it for a few hours straight the other day which is the whole point, so shoutout for that I guess.
Overall 3/5 so far.

Anonymous Fapper

i think that description fits at least half games (and vn’s) on this site


and? doesn’t mean mediocrity shouldn’t be called out just cos it’s the accepted standard for some losers.

Anonymous Fapper

not to be too hard on a free game. But this game is SUPER grindy. Sex scenes are not animated, and are just ok. There might be a lot of content, but just too grindy to find out. I think there might be prostitution for some of the girl…. seems to be leading up to that. But again too much grind and not enough pay out for the effort. You will fail the skill test a lot and that just prolongs the grind.

Anonymous Fapper

It’s not so bad, if you concentrate on just working on the girls (you can easily hit the threshholds no problem) the skills just organically solve themselves when you work on the money.

Granted, this genre of sandbox might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fair, but as ‘grindbox’ dating sims go, it’s not that bad.