COED Conquest

You are a college freshman chosen to attend the new special elite study program in the city of ‘Paradise’! In this program you won’t have to pass any exams.. You will have to build a business empire!
Sounds too hard? With the help of your beautiful secretary Kate, and all the (mostly female) friends you make along the way you will be able to overcome anything!

Coed Conquest is a classic dating sim! You travel to different locations, build your stats and purchase items to improve your character. The games skill system is based around d100 rolls which can be manipulated by items and upgrades!

Those don’t come cheap, but don’t fret! As you acquire and upgrade more and more businesses your passive income will increase too! With a full empire no purchase will be out of your reach!

But what would a powerful hero be without his heroines! Try to seduce co-workers, college students, employees and more! Use your skills to your advantage and you will have no trouble to succeed!

Developer: Despiteful – Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Ren’Py, Romance, Visual Novel


– No Resource Mode is now playing nicely with the uncapped Satisfaction stat!
– Replay Mode Doesn’t vanish anymore after reloading the game!



New Content:

– Haley x Maria Quest! Finish both their routes to unlock!

– Haley route got its naughty scenes redone!

– Haley finally got an end of route selfie quest!

New Features:

– Replay Mode is here! Watch your favorite naughty scenes as often as you like!

– Satisfaction was reworked! You will be able to Upgrade your character with it! (This is a long term system, don’t grind it out now!)

– The Skill overview now displays the role bonus!

– The stat screen has some additional information!

Bug Fixes and Changes:

– Loads of language correction thanks to “Riku Light” who is supporting me with feedback while he plays through the game!

– Fixed multiple bugs where the gentlemen lounge wasn’t working for older saves!

– I updated renpy… Let’s hope this won’t have unintended consequences…

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Rating: 3.1/5. From 64 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Yeah, kind of a meh game. I’ve kind of described it as one giant tease – there’s enough here to get me interested, but not enough to get me off. Still I played it for a few hours straight the other day which is the whole point, so shoutout for that I guess.
Overall 3/5 so far.

Anonymous Fapper

i think that description fits at least half games (and vn’s) on this site

Anonymous Fapper

not to be too hard on a free game. But this game is SUPER grindy. Sex scenes are not animated, and are just ok. There might be a lot of content, but just too grindy to find out. I think there might be prostitution for some of the girl…. seems to be leading up to that. But again too much grind and not enough pay out for the effort. You will fail the skill test a lot and that just prolongs the grind.

Anonymous Fapper

It’s not so bad, if you concentrate on just working on the girls (you can easily hit the threshholds no problem) the skills just organically solve themselves when you work on the money.

Granted, this genre of sandbox might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fair, but as ‘grindbox’ dating sims go, it’s not that bad.

Anonymous Fapper

this game meh

Anonymous Fapper

missing tags: prostitution, NTR, sharing

Anonymous Fapper

so where did you find NTR content in this game ? i didn’t had any ntr on my playthrough
you must have been desperately looking for it 😉

Anonymous Fapper

Er, it’s a romance harem game with an MC who’s a pimp. It’s an awful setup for a harem game. He can share his “employees” with other men. They fuck other men regardless. The content is 50% harem / 50% cuck. Piss poor harem game in other words. You can dance around “technically it’s not NTR” all you want, but it’s not a 100% harem game. So fuck off.

Anonymous Fapper

You could have just said that to start with instead of insulting someone dickweed.

Anonymous Fapper

He can say whatever he wants, doesn’t make it true. He’s lying about the game content.

Anonymous Fapper

That’s not true at all.

It’s a harem game where, at one point, you can run a strip club. However none of the other routes have any sort of ‘cuck’ content at all. Also, running a strip club isn’t NTR. NTR is when someone is shamed while they are being cuckolded.

If you don’t actually play a game, stfu about it, you clearly don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Project your dumbass insecurities elsewhere.

Anonymous Fapper

OH wait I stand corrected–there is ‘cuck content.’ You, the player, cockblock a sexually harassing douchelord from sexually harassing a musician.

Does that count as ‘cuck’ content?

Anonymous Fapper

I am sick and tired of everybody using the same face models.. It is like 100s of movies have been cast by 10 actors only

Anonymous Fapper

Because only a certain number of pro 3D-models are free or not expensive. I suggest to visit DAZ3d for example, A whole animated pack of a pro-model has its prize. Btw I like the asian model from the promo, and the models in the game have some new faces. Oh, and speaking of movies, isn’t it like we see all the same faces in major productions anyway?

Anonymous Fapper

you look at the faces