COED Conquest

You are a college freshman chosen to attend the new special elite study program in the city of ‘Paradise’! In this program you won’t have to pass any exams.. You will have to build a business empire!
Sounds too hard? With the help of your beautiful secretary Kate, and all the (mostly female) friends you make along the way you will be able to overcome anything!

Coed Conquest is a classic dating sim! You travel to different locations, build your stats and purchase items to improve your character. The games skill system is based around d100 rolls which can be manipulated by items and upgrades!

Those don’t come cheap, but don’t fret! As you acquire and upgrade more and more businesses your passive income will increase too! With a full empire no purchase will be out of your reach!

But what would a powerful hero be without his heroines! Try to seduce co-workers, college students, employees and more! Use your skills to your advantage and you will have no trouble to succeed!

Developer: Despiteful – Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Ren’Py, Romance, Visual Novel


Gift system implemented for Hannah, Haley, Abigail and Theresa
New Bonus to working depending on owned businesses and times worked
Total of eight new scenes related to the gift system

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Rating: 2.7/5. From 147 votes.
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Behind pay wall, fuck that.

Anonymous Fapper

It’s not? Just a free to play game on itch…

Anonymous Fapper

No paywall. But boring. Probably your gameplay without porn, because grind game. A lot of nothing. Then 1 static image of 1 blownjob. Too much work, for crap reward.

Anonymous Fapper

It’s fine. I actually don’t mind the whole business empire building aspect of it. There’s lots of different things to do every day so it doesn’t feel too grindy. The dialogue is horrendous a lot though. I realize dev is non-native english speaker, but damn. No one talks that much during sex, and perhaps use the word terms ‘meat rod’ and ‘cunt’ a bit less. It’s ok to use the word pussy more, it’s sexier.

Anonymous Fapper

reading all the bullshit comments i came to conclusion that prenatal tests should be extended to detecting future ,,harem” punks, they are like cancer.

and the game could be really good, but rolls system sucks – who the hell likes this kind of shitty randomness?

Anonymous Fapper

And gay / cuck test too. No? Why your useless fetish is better than other fetish kid? You like dicks. You are too “special”. Like “aids”. Right?

Anonymous Fapper



Crap games are crap. It has nothing to do with harems you sperm sniffing moron.


When is this comeing out on android


why has the harem tag gone? i noticed it’s missing from devs patreon and itch as well. bait and switch?

Anonymous Fapper

There are multiple harem opportunities

Anonymous Fapper

Look old comments. NTR (gay on closet) game. Male MC “not gay” peeping on another males.

Anonymous Fapper

Isn’t watching any guy on girl porn “Peeping on another male” … so watching porn is just gay now?