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In the project Conquest of Nibirion, it is our concern to develop a game which finally reflects the so-called heroic games, where you take the role of the good one who tries to save a princess or free the world from the evil. Here, the player takes the role of the evil conqueror, where he plays as a lord of the deadly sin of lust. In order to accomplish his goals and plans, he must first unfold his inside potential and the only possibility to do it, is to absorb as much lust energy as possible during his journey.


The fights takes their place in side-view battles, similar to the Final Fantasy series. Here we will focus much more on the strategy than the clicks on the keyboard. The individual classes and ranks are classified according to the fighter type. The necromancer aims his fighting style much more to summon creatures or use the dark art than to fight independently. The Lord is armored with heavy armor, and serves much more like a one man army, and relies exclusively on his weapons and armor.
Other classes will be added soon.


The world will be an open world base where the player has free access to castles, forests, dungeons, seas and much more. In addition to the main quests, side quests will be available as well, where the player has a large number of options to unlock new characters to having fun with ^^, level up, searching for treasures or just simply explore new areas.


Now comes the most exciting part of the game, as already noted, this is a free erotic game. This means that the player is not rewarded by coins or something, but much more by the sex with the characters in the game. The characters are diced from the fantasy of the programmers, from well-known popular characters and most importantly from the community.

Developer/Publisher: Team Pivaso – Patreon | Website
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Furry

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


  • Places: Passage, Rukhan Hills
  • Added new Attack Animations for Orias and Timottios
  • Many edible things with new pictures to restore the HP points
  • New Potions for restoring the HP or the MP Points
  • New enemies as well as a new boss
  • More realistic drops by the enemies (Like Rat Flesh by beating Rats)
  • New Weapons and Armors for Orias and Timottios
  • Fishing system to catch fish (edible) or to fulfill quests
  • Items that can be collected in the area are now visible on the map
  • Two new fuckable girls with different positions
  • New Items to buy by Glulga and Zaxvix
  • The possibility to save everywhere has been added


  • Waiting times between sentences in Conversations has been cut significantly
  • Escaping from enemies is easier now


  • HP and MP change for Timottios
  • Mp cost of the Skill Ice Stab for Orias
  • Hp of Rats and Spiders


  • Graphic error in the anal scene with slixy
Rating: 1.8/5. From 12 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Looks like shit even for rpgm.

Anonymous Fapper

OMG!!! It’s a RPG Android game :0 :0

Anonymous Fapper

That description is so fucking pleased with itself for its “creativity” that it’s hilarious. It’s an RPGmaker game where you play an evil overlord who embodies the power of lust, and you must conquer the world! Wow, that’s NEVER been done before (except in Overwhored of course).

Anonymous Fapper

the art sucks, looks childish more then anything, and the english sounds like a 5 yr old wrote it, i got as far as the harpy sex scene at the start and said fuck this shit, its BAD, just uses very simple flash animations, its like simbro if simbros text/art was shit in a fantasy world, just play

Anonymous Fapper

simbro its far better, literally in every possible way compared to this, literally if u cant stand it after having it open for 5 minutes its not gonna get any better.