Corruption Ring

The story is about a young guy who was at the bottom. One night, he received a ring of fate, with the power of which he will be able to make all his dreams come true. From this begins his rise to power, money and, of course, his own harem.

Developer: Ecchi Abyss – Patreon | | Buymeacoffee | Boosty | Subscribestar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, Russian
Genre: Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Animated, 3dcg, Blowjob, Superpowers, Handjob, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Corruption, Peeping, Exhibitionism, Mobile game

Extract and run.


-Added scenes of Amelia at the 5th level of corruption:
The scene of the transition to level 6.

-Added scenes of Amelia at the 6th level of corruption:
Scene conversation, sex, conversation with Victoria 1-2, dressing, bathroom, toilet.

-Reduced prices

Rating: 2.5/5. From 149 votes.
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jaja collen

is there a cheat in game?

Anonymous Fapper

This ranks very highly, in the top 5 ugliest characters game award.
It is also very high on the horrible looking render award list. Probably about as high as Agent 17.

Anonymous Fapper

Ngl, you had me in the first half

Anonymous Fapper

If the MC wants a harem, why is he thinking he wants to turn his mother into a slut who will do anything for money? Very wary of this game’s future content, it’s literally a clone of Mr. C’s Corruption and that is now a game for cucks.

Anonymous Fapper

Also the grind… you need 10,000’s $ to buy the potions, yet can only earn a tiny pittance each day, the Investigate score raises very quickly (instant game over if it goes above 100) but you can only shed 1 per day by sleeping. This game is way too fucking grindy.

Anonymous Fapper

there are other ways to reduce the gameover frequency, but you’re not wrong in that the game is way too fucking grindy.

Anonymous Fapper

It also has the terrible level up system where H content just gets removed from the girls, exactly like Mr C’s Corruption.

Anonymous Fapper

> How about I clone another dev’s game
> In particular, I will copy the most awful and hated anti features that make it a bad game

– faggot dev probably


this better than 70% of the games on this website. Good luck devs.

Anonymous Fapper

you are fucking degenerate

Anonymous Fapper

Developer had already better stores in the past. Waist and missing content for this fake story. Is copy of better developer stores.