Desert Stalker

It has been many years since the End of Days. Old civilizations collapsed, and new ones are slowly arising in what is now an arid wasteland somewhere in Egypt.

Desert Stalker puts the player in the shoes of the titular MC, a family man and citizen of Zeta, as he interacts with various people that are trying to find their place in this new world.

Throughout the game you will meet girls and their tribes, slaves and their Queens, and whether you are taking a romantic or dominant approach, your actions may decide more than just their fates.

Developer: Zetan – PatreonSubscribestarDiscord | Itch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Point & Click, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, RPG, Adventure, Postapocalyptic, Male Domination, Female Domination, Incest, Graphic Violence, Humiliation, Gore, Exhibitionism, Harem, Slavery, Horror, BDSM, Sadism, Masochism, Urination, Big Tits, Small Tits, Sharing, Group Sex, Animated, Lactation, Sleep sex, Rape

Extract and run.


  • Updated Italian translation to 0.15c
  • Updated Russian translation to 0.15c
  • Added some bloody animation variants in Kateryna’s first time
  • Fixed a corner case where if you met and denied helping the Mutants, some checks for reaching the end of current content would fail
  • Fixed some missing icon markers for first time of Pepper and repeatable Hive scenes
  • Fixed being able to sleep with Shani if you haven’t romanced her. The option should be disabled now.
  • Fixed some noisy renders in d13l
  • Added whipping sounds in Fairy’s broken scene
  • Fixed various typos and grammar errors



Added some missing animations in Nadia/Ain’s scene

Two stray replay scenes have found their way back into the gallery (we have accidentally mislabeled them, causing them to vanish)

Fixed an issue where the Raiders quest wouldn’t trigger the next step to show on the quest log

Fixed a missing quest log resolution for Ivy’s quest

Fixed various reported typos and grammar issues



  • Added some missing animations in Shani’s and Nadia/Ain’s scenes, more to come
  • Added Shani licking her fingers at the end of the Kateryna/Shani harem event.
  • Fixed a wrong condition in Shani’s harem button, causing a soft-lock if Kateryna hasn’t joined the house
  • Fixed a crash in Replay gallery when trying to access the Zeta tab
  • Fixed a couple of instances where old saves would fail to update properly
  • Fixed a mistyped replay check in d9c
  • Added a missing tooltip in “Sleep with Shani” button
  • Fixed various typos and grammatical errors


v0.15 Beta

New Content (~870 Renders):

  • Nadia visiting the house
  • Sekhmet’s Legion pt. 1 (Raiders quest)
  • Shani in the terrace (leading to a repeatable scene)
  • You can now sleep with Shani
  • Visiting Ivy
  • Small repeatable Fairy scenes for her broken path
  • Harem scene (Shani/Kateryna)

Minor additions:

  • You can be woken up by different people when you sleep with your wife
  • Added a few overlay variations in the home overview to make it feel more alive

Minor changes / Bugfixes:

  • (Hopefully) Fixed all occasions where animations played on top of each other, causing lag/choppy animations.
  • Added animated backgrounds for home overview and world map
  • Fixed a really long-standing bug, where under certain conditions the player would never meet Fairy
  • Added a missing marker in world map button and Palace for the first Queen visit
  • Added a missing marker in world map button and mutants lab for the Pepper scene
  • Added a missing marker in Palace for the second Queen visit
  • Fixed an issue with d13i marker being shown, but the event not accessible yet because the settlement quest was not finished
  • Removed the requirement of Ivy not being scared for Hive mission pt. 2
  • Fixed an issue with Kateryna’s introduction happening before getting the new car
  • Fixed a wrong variable check when discussing with Shani about the Zone, causing Ivy’s notes to be referenced even if you haven’t seen the event
  • Fixed an incorrect variable check, causing Shani to be injured after returning from the Zone even if she actually wasn’t
  • Fixed being able to go to the scout mission in the Zone before doing Abrax’s quest
  • You can’t sleep with Ain or massage her if she’s in the basement anymore
  • Fixed a small interaction appearing while Shani is actually in the Zone
  • Fixed a missing variable definition for the thug execution scene, potentially causing errors later on
  • Added an 1-day cooldown between the Hive mission parts
  • Added the option to avoid hugging the Queen in the Palace bedroom
  • Added the option to avoid checking out the Queen during d14d
  • Fixed a missing jump if you deny the servant in the second planning event with the Queen
  • Fixed “Public Servants” replay from missing an end for one of the paths, causing the game to crash.
  • Improved the animation quality of d9c-37 (Thug girl)
  • Ain sometimes took her choker off in the plaza date scene. Now she knows better
  • Fixed some dialogue inconsistency when the player sleeps with Ain
  • Fixed an incorrect image variant in Pepper’s repeatable scene
  • Fixed missing background lighting in a couple of Mantis’ training scene renders
  • Fixed Nadia’s slave dress clipping in the dress-up scene
  • Fixed some incorrect image variants in Fairy’s introduction
  • Fixed an incorrect image variant in Ain’s punishment scene
  • Fixed some potential small stutter each time you start a new day


  • [Android] Added the RenPy Sync functionality for saves (this feature is still experimental, but should allow for easier migration of saves between versions)
  • [Android] Shani’s fight cutscene in the Zone should now play automatically on touch devices, avoiding a potential soft lock
Rating: 4.2/5. From 2.9K votes.
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