Desert Stalker

The game takes place in post-apocalyptic Egypt. The player takes the role of a desert stalker – a free warrior roaming the dunes and destroyed cities, raiding old tombs and fighting various threats to scavenge old artifacts and provide for his family at home. Being confronted with various choices, the player will be called to decide which people and factions he wants to side with, leading to multiple outcomes. All that whilst having quite a lot of fun on the way.

Developer: Zetan – PatreonSubscribestarDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, point & click, male protagonist, female protagonist, RPG, adventure, post-apocalyptic, male domination, female domination, incest, graphic violence, humiliation, gore, exhibitionism, harem, slavery, horror, BDSM, sadism, masochism, urination, big tits, small tits

v0.03 Patched

– improved text editing in most scenes
– minor bug fixes
– reworked pictures of Shani’s introduction
– a slightly adjusted Ain character model in various scenes
– a few extra panels at the end of Emilia’s introduction
– reduced the main character’s tsar bomb to a fatman in the massage scene
– removed the necessity to click through panels in repeatable NSFW moments



Major updates:

– 2 story missions
– 2 side events
– added the first two repeatable events
– whole rework of Ain and all her scenes
– discord is set up! Link

Minor changes:

– improved the open world quest mechanics
– added back a familiar option to the first raider encounter (uncut version)
– fixed spelling errors like “elf”
– added options to avoid two prologue NFSW scenes
– reworked the censor function a bit
– removed the game over after letting the elf die
– added a “go to sleep” option to start a new day
– made the dialogue textbox more transparent

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Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Excited for the next update, I absolutely need more of this game.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Agreed. This has all the potential to be a great game. I can’t wait for more! Fingers crossed it gets finished and not abandoned.


Super game. Still in version 0.03 and it pretty much has everything I look for in these games. It’s impossible to skim though this one the story is so good. Honesty, very good writing. Weird yet hot choice of H scenes and story building. Good Job dev.

K fapper
K fapper

The game is promising, female characters are hot and the story is original. Not too much dialogue and MC is Alpha.

There is however one weird thing (not necessarily bad) : The MC relationship with his relatives. He lives with 3 women who are supposed to be his wife and his 2 (step)daughters. While he has a caring relationship with one of the (step)daughter, he use his wife and the youngest (step)daughter as nothing but cum dump right from the beginning.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

I assume it’s something like they’re just women and his eldest is his Heir so she’s important. Maybe not though and it’ll be expanded on as the game gets updated.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

yeah, and for some reason, the other (step)daughter has a completely different relation to the MC, although she knows about what happens between him and the other two.
it lacks an explanation, but i do not mind in the slightest…


Yeah I also thought it’s weird at first like he should at least not be so overtly lewd with his other daughter but then I thought it something new and actually is pretty hot. I get the feling this dev knows what he’s doing let’s see if he sines through

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

already one of the best games in here BY FAR.
1. almost every time there is a choice, one has to suspect it might have a great impact in the long run
2. many choices
3. (the two from the intro are amoung the few exceptions:) awesome babes, big tits, overall hot
4. no boring, big amountsof textwalls, hardly any waitingtime until the next possibility to fight or to fuck
5. so far it seems like we are very free to decide however the fuck we want, being nice or sadistic

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

only issue is the incoherence in some other possible choices and then suddenly caring about the well-being of another guys slave… damn, wanted to take her from him to treat her just as bad…

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

or maybe even worse XD she´s a slave, so i´d do whatever the fuck i want with her.