Divine Dawn

Divine Dawn is a text-based RPG in which you step into the role of a would-be hero, with dreams of greatness and no likelihood of achieving any of them in a peaceful world with no real genocidal threats. Then you nearly die several times in a row, discover traces of an ancient mystery and (possibly) impending doom, and go on a road trip with colorful cast of comrades to save the world! Maybe. You’ve got a lot of fighting, therapy, adventure, and monster girls to deal with before we get to that point.

Fortunately, you’ll usually have a partner at your side to help you out in fights and offer witty(?) banter. But only you can decide if it’s worth trading your humanity for the power you need – otherworldly energies offer much, but will change your body over time.

Developer: Cryswar – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Text Based, Character Creation, Male Protagonist, Creampie, Oral Sex, Teasing, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Graphic Violence, Horror, Humor, Monster, Monster Girl, Religion, Romance, RPG, Turn Based Combat, Female Domination


-All girls with art now use that art for portraits when speaking, which should make it easier to follow their expressions in a conversation.

-Sam now has 4 and 6 affection scenes, kickstarting her romance from a very different direction than others. She also has a few new expressions/overlays, and by ‘new’ I mean ‘I remembered they existed’

-Celica’s wind training 1-3 are all done, with a massive number of dialogue swaps based on your stats, choices mid-training, other learned magics, and romance progress with her. Her Water training pt3 has also been updated to reference romance if you pursue that first.

-Existing and new wind magic split into three distinct schools; each has a decent variety of spells and synergy! There are also a bunch of new wind-related traits, both general and for each school. Some other traits got buffs (ex. Flutter for daggers) and I added a couple others, like Vengeance for slower mages.

-Metatron now has a massive Badon scene that significantly advances the plot and gives more information on the world.

-Ina now has art, courtesy of jfc!

-Her bodyguard Kuril also has art, courtesy of alhazartfinds!

-Most characters now have unique battle themes, camp themes, or both, including some updated songs. RIP Celica/Sam not having camp themes… yet.

-Maya is the recipient of our first custom music! Her camp theme was provided by ubercrow.

-All Severn enemies now have art, courtesy of Garrisen! I think that means every enemy (except Maya) now has art!

-Event UI has been extended to evening and night scenes, which should make it much easier to see how to unlock them. Also made me realize how few evening scenes there are. Fuck.

-New targeting indicator in battle, courtesy of jfc! God it looks so much less ghetto now LOL

-Sam now has a unique trait that gives her increasing Glancing Hit as her health lowers, adding a decent bit of survivability

-Sarah now gains Perpetuity as a normal trait, somewhere in the 20s (may move it earlier, idk) to turbocharge her buffs.

-Hopefully fixed all the bugs/errors known as of 0.18d

-Added a generic Wait command, so you can’t softlock yourself by running out of mana

-Spent hours for nearly zero tangible benefit reworking a few poorly-coded functions. Aside from fixing some bugs, they mostly just look better now. I consider that time well spent.

Rating: 3.2/5. From 98 votes.
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Looking forward for the next update.
The game is pretty good apart from the missing image of Maya and Olivia. Need more interaction with Sam let the best friend become part of the harem haha.

Cheers and Goodluck~


Ina will get art in the next 1-2 updates, then Maya is next! Sam content is planned for next update as well. Glad you’ve been enjoying the game!

Damion Jackson

The new art looks fantastic!


Sarah is really an angel!

Damion Jackson

I love her so much! She’s gorgeous.

Damion Jackson

Hey Cryswar,

The level 4 training didnt unlock, although I did unlock and complete the first 3 on Metatron. It said it had a Requirement: Aether Affinity, which was in red letters. I couldn’t figure out how to get that trait.

I had all the other requirements you mentioned too.

Damion Jackson

Also I dont actually expect or even require non-stop sex. Or animations for that matter. How ever there was maybe 2 different porn pics in the whole game, I think it was for Sarah and the other succubus. I would like to see more art for all the characters, including nudes.

Damion Jackson

ASHLEY! Her name was Ashley. Anyways, my point is that a picture says 1000 words, and since you have such lovely art for Metatron, Ashley, Celica and Sam…. why not Sarah? I mean she’s a very important character introduced very early on. I should think she’d be a high priority.


Sarah is hopefully getting art next update. Character sprites are very expensive to commission and I don’t have a lot of funding. Sex scenes are even more expensive to cover all the scenes, and patrons voted for sprites first.

As for Aether Initiate, you need 1 free attunement at the end of training 3 and to choose that you want to learn it, it has a little warning explaining the problem if you don’t.

Damion Jackson

In general this is a lovely game. I like the story and the characters. My one complaint is that the sex scenes are all in text and there’s hardly even any nudity let alone moving sex scenes. I would like more porn in this porn game please.

Also I couldnt figure out how to unlock Aether Affinity and I think I need that to actually start using Aether magic.

I didnt actually mind the grind too much as I could see progress being made, which curbed my impatience.

Damion Jackson

To expand on my point about Aether Affinity, if it isnt available yet why bother putting in any of the Aether Magic training until it is available? Is Aether magic particulalry powerful or something?

If Aether Affinity is available how the heck do I get it?


Hi Damion. I’m glad you’ve been mostly enjoying the game! It’s a text-based adult RPG rather than a pure coomer game, so I wouldn’t expect animations or nonstop sex, but sex CGs are planned when I get the budget.

Aether magic requires 10 magic, 5 insight, and 2 trust with Metatron to unlock the first 3 trainings, then after doing those, Metatron and Sarah’s training 4s should both unlock. The event UI lists those requirements, and there are around 10 Aether spells ingame currently.

Anonymous Fapper

I love you all

Anonymous Fapper



Best post on this site, ever! lol Seriously, we need more love than hate in the comment section. 😉

Anonymous Fapper

no u

Anonymous retard

what if we kiss each other?

Anonymous Fapper

Or touch minecraft beds ???????? unless…