A detective who is searching for his family ends up in a small town and discovers the real reason why his family was there.
An ordinary family’s camping trip is interrupted by strange events, and a young boy discovers secrets that will bring his dark side to life.
Secret Village, the town they came to, will live with them.
The secrets of the town and what it hides will reveal the real reason why it disappeared over ten years earlier.

When the siren wails again, all the residents will respond.
The day will become a nightmare and the night a torture.

To survive, the boy and the detective will have to face their dark sides.
Their only weapon will be time, which will turn out to be an illusion.
However, they will not meet, but they will definitely know about each other.

But they won’t escape… Secret Village will not allow them to do so.

Welcome to Secret Village!
Welcome to Doghouse!

Developer: Two Jura – PatreonSubscribeStarTwitterPixiv
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Horror, 3DCG, Animated, Pregnant, Incest, Netori

– Extract all files to new folder [not only .exe file]
– Run Doghouse.exe

+ Many changes in game mechanics
+ Revised gameplay design
+ Extended intro for Detective
+ Preview of last available version with 3d images

+ Short story beginning for the Detective
+ Fixed several bugs
+ New [se]

+ Added exit button to [Adult warning];
+ Changed continue button and added exit button to [Sensitive content];
+ Added additional information screen;
+ Added character selection [Boy only available for supporters up to version 1.0.2];
+ Added Pre-intro for both MC’s; + Added full intro [Boy];
+ Changed intro [Detective (some improvements)];
+ Added story beginning [Detective (open world introduction]];
+ Changed main menu [simple];
+ More sound effects;
+ Added a simple shooting system;
+ Added a life bar;
+ Added [Continue] button to main menu;
+ Added simple crafting system / resource box / bag capacity;
+ Added ability to save the game;
+ Added HUD [works in real time];
*battery [shows status];
*flashlight [on/off];
+ Added fog [test];
+ Characters that were created from scratch [you will meet them in game]:
(detective path)
+ Detective
+ Detective’s Daughter
+ Detective’s Wife
+ Stranger Woman
(boy’s path)
+ Boy
+ The boy’s father
+ The boy’s sister
+ Boy’s mom
+ Nun
+ Lost woman
+ New animation method implemented
Images: +250
Animations: +8

– Playable teaser
+ First release

Rating: 2.7/5. From 44 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I hate the way this game is made.
I know the dev went to great lengths to give it a vibe and feel using rpgm, but damn does this suck ass.
Redo the game, please, use renpy like everyone else.
No one will remember this great magnum opus of yours, it’ll just be a game which was average and came and went.
Damn, I really wish I could learn how to code and what not and make these type of games myself.

Anonymous Fapper

Bruh do you even know how hard to make a game “Redo the game please ????” ????

Filthy Casual

Do the dogs get out though?


No content so far.
You can “select” Between the boy and the detective, but the boy isn’t available yet, so you can only choose the detective anyway. I dunno, just seems redundant to add when it’s not even playable to me.
The detective “route” doesn’t really have any “content” either, sure you can start the game and “play” but there is no real fap worthy material, only a few collectible pictures, or rather, scientific nudes of some of the characters.
Very heavily story based, so expect more story before actual fap content.
Game ended quickly too, so not seeing much hope for this one.


Edit: Didn’t see that it was a demo, but what i said before still goes: no real content.


Very slow game and too dark to be able to play it

Anonymous Fapper

Haven’t played this, haven’t even downloaded it, but you might want to make it a little less obvious from your writeup that the detective and the “young man” are one and the same. Unless that’s a given from the start and not meant to be a surprise reveal.