This is a 3D game for adults in the genre of sci-fi rpg and survival.
Developer: Cute Pixel – Patreon | Website
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Sci Fi, Female protagonist, RPG, Survival, Spaceship

1. Extract and run.

I’m going to drink a liter of a sedative, but I think I decided to deal with the drones
In addition, some minor details were corrected.


  • Corrected the behavior of patrol drones, now they do not fly and do not hit shocker through the walls (I hope).
  • Also corrected drone attack system. Now the drone attacks only if turned “face” to the player.
  • Fixed problem with the impossibility of re-selection of discarded items.
  • Fixed a problem with the response of some terminals.
  • Fixed a bug in which the locker, opened with a key, still continue offered to break the lock.
  • Button for hacking for convenience moved to “R”
  • The patrol detection indicator is made more visible and understandable.
Rating: 1.9/5. From 17 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

It doesnt have much content, tips for people, you can trap the droids in the rooms and lock the doors

Anonymous Fapper

It’s entirely unplayable. Not because it’s buggy or unstable, but because there is literally zero gameplay. No erotic content either (unless you count being able to look at the main character naked, which is weak-sauce even for motherfucking Skyrim). Maybe check back in 6 years or so, when the dev has put ANY amount of work into this shambles.

Anonymous Fapper

it looks interesting but is still in a very very very (and you can add as many as many times you want that) early stage ; beware the external walls they may lead you to unknown and no return areas 🙂 there’s way too much content to add until the story line will justify downloading this 🙁

Cute Pixel

The next updates will fix this situation. Follow development on Patreon

Anonymous Fapper

If you’re seriously expecting us to pay to “play” something this extremely basic before it has even the most rudimentary content, then I honestly don’t know who’s the bigger idiot: you, or the retards that are already giving you your undeserved money.

Anonymous Fapper

I’m going to give this s try even though I don’t like RPG, but looks interesting

Elon Musk

As of now, there is not much content so I’ll wait for a later version.