Family Trouble

Explore a unique storyline with multiple branching paths. Control the fate of the protagonist in a supernatural conspiracy. Immerse yourself in a mix of romance, action, and the supernatural. Engaging narrative with unforgettable characters.

About the Game
“Family Trouble” is not just a game; it’s an immersive experience crafted by a passionate developer entering the gaming industry. This project combines the success of games like ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ with the humor and animations from ‘Solvalley School,’ bringing you a fresh and unique adventure.

Support Indie Gaming! As a hobbyist in the gaming industry, I’m excited to share my first project with you. Your support means the world to me! Download “Family Trouble” now and embark on an unforgettable gaming journey.

Developer: Goth Girl Games – PatreonItch | SubscribeStar |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Anal sex, vaginal sex, 3dcg, male protagonist, bdsm, big ass, big tits, cheating, corruption, creampie, animated, Dilf, Exhibitionism, Futa, Trans, Handjob, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Slave, Teasing, Urination, Virgin, Voyeurism

Just unzip and install..

Other Information:
All sexual scenes that contain controversial themes will be optional, also there will be no lack of more normal content ^^.

v0.6 Beta

ºWe have added a replays gallery for players to enjoy their favorite moments from previous playthroughs.

º A secret scene with Pandora has been introduced, adding depth and mystery to the game’s lore.

º Several grammatical errors have been corrected to enhance readability. Please let us know if there are any more that need attention.

º Claudia, a new character, has been added to the roster. She is a gangster, prostitute, and streetwise woman with multiple ways to handle situations.

º We have included one oral scene each with Keren and Claudia, respectively (obviously, Keren has an oral fixation).

º A 3some scene featuring Keren and Nina has also been added for those who enjoy such content.

º Combat has been completely remade from scratch, resulting in a more visually appealing and fair experience for players. Additionally, we have included a new fistfight and gunfight to keep things interesting.

º Unfortunately, the sprite sizes are inconsistent and need to be fixed in the upcoming version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Rating: 4.0/5. From 125 votes.
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Peach Enthusiast

If you like butts and anal sex, then Family Trouble will certainly deliver on that front. The game’s not just all about butt stuff though. It has something in store for a variety of fetishes, with some of the more “controversial ones” being optional, which I really appreciate.

I also like the wide range of characters available in Family Trouble, with a variety of body types and ethnicities.

I found myself enjoying the humour in this game. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and many characters often throw mild insults at each other. While the game does have a story, it doesn’t waste your time with it. You can access lewd content early and consistently throughout the game. There is no grind or long periods of time without any sex.

Since anal-abundant games are so rare, I decided to subscribe to GothGirlGames’ Patreon. Patrons can vote on some design decisions and the developer is really friendly, so I recommend subscribing if what I’ve described so far appeals to you!

Anonymous Fapper

Thanks Peach, you are the best! ^^


GothGirlGames Thank you for Creating This Gem. I give you 5 Stars, I appreciate your work and effort to update and fix your VN on anything that needs to be fix/changed. I Just want to spread some Love to you with this Comment may this put a smile on your face and I hope to make your day. Pay no attention to these negative comments as they are just noise. Do not lose the creative mindset you got going for your hard work. Keep creating content & I will keep an eye out for your next update 😉 (thumbs up) <3.


Thanks a lot! I will be improving and making it better!


Pretty typical or the moronic comments from people frequenting this site. These comment show that that those people have no concept as to what it takes to make a game. It is so much easier to complain. They cannot get it up so they get mad and blame the game. This game is really funny and clever 😄. If you have no sense of humor then you probably will not get it. The game is still in it’s infancy so there are a lot of bugs but the dev is constantly working to fix them.

Anonymous Fapper

Support this amazing GEM. Your choice.
Get futa on MC ass. Its your choice.
Cry about comments. Your choice.

This game is funny “because”.. because is funny. Is funny because is funny. Repeat 1k times. Maybe people believe in me

I am waiting first MFFF sex scene with MC fucking 3 or more girls. If not abandoned first.


mff Planned for the next update.
mfff+ can take a time but will happen!

Anonymous Fapper

POV games are much better to people not interesed in boys/mens/dicks.

Watch the pathetic MC face all time. Its boring. Its non sense to male straight players.

Anonymous Fapper

….. BRO are you dumb or gay? POV games ussually have a lot more dicks close ups, at least you dont see the MC ass thats true

Anonymous Fapper

I think there is some saying:
“The more forcibly a man wants to appear ‘manly’, the ‘gayer’ he most likely is.”
The ‘optional’ part says it all.
People try to sneak in their true fetishes,
in hopes it’s getting either overlooked or acknowledged.
Or sometimes just to shock (cuck) the player.


There’s currently zero, gay sex scenes in the game….

Anonymous Fapper

gay grooming

Inserindo conteúdo gay aos poucos para tentar fazer homens héteros a se interessarem cada dia mais por conteúdo gay.

Isso é algo que vem dos anos 2000. Mas hoje em dia, tá demais. Querem forçar isso em escolas com ideologia de gênero. Aí é muito mais fácil fazer a lavagem cerebral nas crianças de 6-10 anos de idade. É a ideologia estúpida da esquerda nazi petralha.

Inserting gay content little by little to try to make straight men become more interested in gay content every day.

This is something that comes from the 2000s. But nowadays, it’s too much. They want to force this in schools with gender ideology. It is much easier to brainwash children aged 6-10. It’s the stupid ideology of the Petralha Nazi left.


I understand what you are saying, but you will need to click in order to see those. also they aren’t even implemented, you don’t think its a bit too much of a reaction?

Anonymous Fapper

“you don’t think its a bit too much of a reaction?”
This is THE BIG PROBLEM of groomers.

Vamo mudar o contexto. Vamo falar de “veganismo”. Cenário hipotético.
MC é vegano. Aí pessoas veganas apoiam você. Após 1 ano. Agora MC pode comer hamburguer e matar animais inocentes. Você traiu a confiança dos veganos. Não é “reação demasiada”. É normal.

Falar de INCESTO. Se você odeia incesto. DRPinkCake. Suporte gigantesco. Um dia, PinkCake Adiciona INCESTO OPCIONAL. Ele perde o respeito de todo mundo que odeia incesto. Eu gosto de incesto. Mas seria péssimo para PinkCake. Seria traição.

To te dando 2 exemplos diferentes para pensar diferente.
Posso falar de Futebol. Aplicativo de notícias do Flamengo. Mas com “supresa” sobre Fluminense botafogo e vasco. Se você quer notícia de todos, você pega um aplicativo sobre todos times. Não apenas sobre o Flamengo.

Anonymous Fapper

Translation to english:

Let’s change the context. Let’s talk about “veganism”. Hypothetical scenario.

MC is vegan. Then vegan people support you. After 1 year. Now MC can eat hamburgers and kill innocent animals. You betrayed the trust of vegans. It’s not “too much reaction”. It’s normal.

Talk about INCEST. If you hate incest. DRPinkCake. Huge support. One day, PinkCake Adds OPTIONAL INCEST. He loses the respect of everyone who hates incest. I like incest. But it would be terrible for PinkCake. It would be treason.

I’m giving you 2 different examples to think differently.

I can talk about Football. Flamengo news application. But with “surprise” about Fluminense Botafogo and Vasco. If you want news about everyone, you get an app about all the teams. Not just about Flamengo.


Okay, eu entendi, mas a Yumiko esta no jogo desde o início.

I understood, really, but Yumiko is on the game from start.

straight pride

Nah, that’s just classic gaslighting and more grooming. Besides being queer is a super power today. You even have straights claiming to be gay trying to “belong” or not be called a “bigot”.


I don’t even know what gaslighting and groaming mean, sorry. but you are being unreasonable.

Anonymous Fapper

“gay grooming”
You (DEV) created a game with Male MC straight.

THEN “SURPRISE”. ALL gay tags, all gay variants, all”dick fetish” surprise appear. “Grooming.

  • Flashback of dicks
  • Futa
  • Gay
  • Voyeur stuff in all boys NPCs

You can CREATE A GAY GAME at start. But “Groomers” have shame or prefer sneak the “gay fetish” in small “avoidable” content.

“Maybe all straight guys are gays and need a push to leave off the closet”

If you are brazilian Dev,
“Gay grooming” é exatamente o que a rede globo faz todos os dias. Tentando forçar que todo mundo ache que ser “GAY é legal”. E que ser homem, hétero e não se importar com a sopa de letrinha do LGBT++++ é ser homofóbico.


But there are currently zero gay scenes also yumiko is on the game from release.

Anonymous Fapper

Please stop responding to these dumbasses. They always post this stupid shit in the comments. Honestly it’d be best if you just pulled your game off the site in general, you won’t get actual criticism here – rather bitter mentally challenged dudes who don’t contribute anything and whine about ghosts basically. That dude is the definition of it, just going on rants about content not even in the game.

Anonymous Fapper

Thanks for telling not about the game too.


You are probably right, i will give up anshwering.