Femwood Fever

What to do if work, life, fake friends already piss you off. The right thing to do is to leave for an unknown destination. In this game you play as such a guy. To your luck, an old bus inadvertently takes you to a town populated by exceptional girls. Where will this path take you? Will you become the owner of a harem or will you wander quietly through the neighborhood? Will you take the city by the fleshy breast or watch from the sidelines? The choice is yours. Fulfill your deepest fantasies and feel the real Femwood Fever​.

Developer: FemwoodFever – PatreonItch.ioTwitterDiscordTelegramWebsiteWikiBugsIdeas
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Visual novel, Dating sim, Masturbation, Footjob, Big tits, Big ass, Hentai, Female domination, Sex toys, Mobile game, MILF, Fetish, Groping, Stripping, NSFW, Lewd

Extract and run


– Added new character
– One animated scene
– New music
– Two new locations
– Discord integration
– Update checker in the main menu
– Content manager (beta)
– Dynamically updated news and patrons list

Rating: 4.1/5. From 48 votes.
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WTF is this shit? Are you for real? This thing has at most 30 seconds worth of content.
I had to double back and check if I wasn’t oun Fapnation downloading stupid incomplete games again.

And I was.

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

Yes, totally free. Join discord for more news about updates, dev notes, etc


Sigma male not afraid of femdom here.
Good game so far, but definietely to short ^^

Anonymous Fapper

That does not relate to being alpha.


Hehe, and that’s the mind-crusher here. True alphas especially sigmas (=introverted alphas) play by their own rules. According to my code it’s about hedonism and discovery as it can be very pleasing and insightful to let her take the lead – should that be too much, I can still “help” her ^^


Also to untangle a myth masculinity is not defined by dominating the female gender (exclusively) also there are many forms of domination in various playstyles. However, I also see many wannabe “alphas” thinking treating women actually badly would elevate them as a “man” – that’s not domination – that’s just sad…

Anonymous Fapper

There is truly nothing more insecure in the entire world than describing yourself as any kind of a Greek alphabet male

Anonymous Fapper

I love the game already! keep it coming devs!