Futa Oasis

In the game Futa Oasis, during the height of the Great Depression, a desperate man sets off in search of treasure and riches. Instead he finds a hidden village full of women with something a little extra between their legs. While he return home? Will he score with the futas of the village? Or maybe they’ll score with him…

The game features five romanceable characters with a mix of futas, women, and transwomen. Each has a dominant and submissive version of their route so fuck or be fucked, it’s your choice.

Developer: Apollo Seven – PatreonItchWebsiteDiscord |
Censored: No
Version: 1.0 Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, anal sex, big tits, creampie, futa, trans, handjob, male protaganist, oral sex, romance, sandbox, titfuck, transformation, vaginal sex

Extract and run.

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Rating: 1.9/5. From 32 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

The straight path is a ghost, it exist, but lead to no ending, the objetive of this game is get enough points with the village to leave or rot in a cell, in the meantime you talk with the “girls”, if you act like a man you fuck them, if you act like a sissie they fuck you, at the end happend 2 things, 1, you get enought points and you can leave, 2, you didn’t and you are stuck there, anyway, if you have a relationship with someone you have a ending where she leave with you or you live there with her depending your points with the village, well, the straight path doen’t have an ending, simply doesn’t have, or you leave alone or you die there alone, only the sissie path have an ending, that’s why this game doesn’t have a straight path, at the end of the day the game want you to do another thing, there is only 1 staright ending, and that’s with the only real girl, with only a pussy in her legs, but just that, the rest is pointless

In resume, a sissie game with no straight path

Anonymous Habib

There’s no oasis with trannies. Pass.


Not my cup of tea. Graphics and story seem to be average but not a fan that the mc is spending most of his time whining and complaining and is usually quite dumb.

Also even though there are options to avoid some scenes, game seems to spend 90% of the time trying to make your character become a sissy.

Giving it a 3/10.

The Alpha Cuck

Futa games are cute but does it have any BBC?


Would be nice to have more good Futa x Female harem and shit instead of this xd, is like straight sex with double boobs which seems good