Genex Love

Genex Love is a world full of “gifted” people, you are a young boy who’s life dream was to become a Hero…

Sadly, you don’t have any ability. But everything will change when your “Genex” shows up!.
Embark in this journey of “Becoming a Hero” (Or maybe an Antihero?)
while at the same time discovering more about your “ability” , dating beautiful girls, surviving the school, and who knows…

Maybe more.

Developer: Reboot Love – PatreonDiscord | Itch | SubscribeStarTwitter | Instagram |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Graphic Violence, Handjob, Incest, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Monster, Monster Girl, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Sandbox, School Setting, Superpowers, Turn Based, Combat, Vaginal Sex, Voiced, Group sex, Blackmail, Forced, Rape, Public sex, Male Domination, Female Domination

Extract and run.

About non vanilla genres:
– bad NTR: Nope, never, no Love Interest will ever fall for other guy or cheat you.

– Group sex: Player choice (Player can choose at the moment of sex, or just disable it for good at the settings). MC will have a way to do group sex with no other males.
– Blackmail/Forced/Rape sex: Player will have the choice to do some “soft” versions of it. Also, things like that may happen to girls in the game, which of course can be stopped by you or someone else, or happen if you choose to. You can disable this at the settings too to never encounter it.)
– Girls raping/forcing MC: May happen a few times, once again, you can disable it at the settings to never encounter that. If enabled, MC will have the means to stop it when it happens.
– Exposing/Public sex: Player choice to enable/disable, if enabled, player will decided if it ultimately happens or not at the very moment.”

– Male Domination: Player choice at the very beginning (enabled or disabled). If Female domiation on, it will turn the tables on the girls that may try to dominate you at the first chance.
– Female Domination: Player choice at the very beginning (enabled or disabled). see Male domination for more info.


– Day 35 to 47!

– All relevant characters can be renamed now! (Names only, not alter-egos)
– Added consumable items (HP and Energy restore – Can be crafted by tamed girls at the prison)
– Working wage will increase when you work certain times.
– Stat limits can be bypassed now.
– Winter’s back, will you capture her!?
– Autotaming function added.
– Automatic work/farming/job when tamed.
– Enhancing the prison facilities.
– Inventory revised.
– Easy mode will made the taming easier/faster (Also in Autotaming mode)

– Lynx replays mixed
– Wind AOE insta killing anything

– Added alignment status in stats menu.
– Added money to the map for easy view.
– Enhanced combat a bit (saving a few clicks)
– Added x3 SuperStrenght button
– Some self skills will auto launch (not needing to click yourself)
– Some AoE abilities will not need to click two times to launch.
– Changed Main Menu image a bit.
– Map looks a little prettier, just a little.
– Spending all clocks at the prison, will end the shift recovering some HP and Energy.

– Some lines fixed
– Taking the girl out for a walk now costs 3 clocks.
– Reduced difficulty from “Sewer event day 21” in easy mode

– Added Hero-Genex-Steal option with Ginger.
– Minor bug and lines fixed.

Rating: 4.0/5. From 79 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I loved this story so much I went to the Itch version and purchased all of part 1. I cant wait for part 2 to hit the interwebs! I played as ultra hero with a pervy, dominant, twist. Loved it.

Couldn’t decide between Kate, Lynx or Rei as best girl at first but in the end decided to elect Rei as number 1 because she is hawt as hell and willing to accommodate other girls in a harem situation. Yes please!

Also liked the prison stuff with the mutant girls. Tooke me awhile to figure out how to optimize it but when I did I managed to make a very strong character (at least I think hes strong. Had over 400 energy at the end of part 1 along with about 275 health and 6 different powers at various levels including level 4 Wind.)

Anonymous Fapper

I gave this game 4 star because there are some choices I just dont understand the reasons for. For example: At one points Lynx’s sister Seneko hugs the MC and you can choose to hug her back or not to. If you hug her you get some approval if you dont you lose approval…

What’s the point? You don’t get to interact with her again through the rest of the story, she doesn’t behave any differently or with hold any help. It doesn’t change the MCs relationship with Lynx (I tried both positive and negative and saw no difference). So what does it do? Will it change something in part 2? Or is it a completely pointless choice? Something I like to call an Illusion of Choice.

I suggest simply removing that particular choice and defaulting to hugs as a knee jerk reaction.

straight guy

That’s a bit nit picky. The game isn’t even done as well. You have no idea what the dev intends as the game is not done. Even if nothing comes of it at the time it was made the dev surely intended to but changed his mind.


I’m glad I didn’t have to waste money on this piece of trash game.

​Game’s concept is actually pretty interesting and cool, story and artwork also fairly decent. But with very boring sex scenes.

​But the game creator ruins it all by putting in the typical boring, moronic faggot type mc.

MC is just constantly running around apologizing for everything, allowing all the girls to just walk all over him.

Doesn’t seem to be any options in dealing with the evil teacher raping her students. No options to punish her or make her stop, only option is for the mc to fall in love with her.

Best part is this is all happening even with the masculine dominant option activated. Which tells me this creator has no idea what’s like to be a man, and to stand up to bitches.

All in all just another crappy game with your typical weak wimpy mc type. Just giving this game a 3/10.

Anonymous Fapper

This is one of the best porn games ever please update it 🙏

Anonymous Fapper

MMMMMMMF Harem is boring

Anonymous Fapper

Seems like it came to an end too soon.
2 last updates, the dev is talking about and his posted them as complete.


This game is great. I played this for several hours and enjoyed it. The fights are ok. Some management of things. There is some naughty fun. If you don’t like the cartoony character design that’s a preference but I’m cool with it. Your choices matter. The game plays differently depending. Each girl is different and I want to bone them all. Overall it’s been good.