Girls vs Aliens

Get ready to take command into your hand and stand your ground against hordes of monsters with your fierce crew. Defend multiple locations against various factions of enemies. Use your forces in an inventive way or suffer losses. But be aware the enemy holds a dark secret. Are you ready to discover it?


Developer: Crystal Key Games – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, Rape, Vaginal sex, Combat, Management, Monster, Sci-fi, Strategy

1. Extract and run.


  1. 1 location and 5 stages of defensive missions.
  2. 4 different characters that the player can use to defend against the aliens.
  3. 2 different enemies that try to strip down your defences. (+ 2 enemy variations)
Rating: 2.3/5. From 9 votes.
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Part 1

It’s not terrible. It could use some work yes!

However, this is relatively a work in progress. Income feature should be automatic more than having to click on it. The income itself maybe quicker to keep the game pace enjoyable in the beginning cause the first 30 seconds seem to take forever before an enemy spawns.

The last 2 levels get insanely challenging to beat and it becomes almost peer luck. I wouldn’t mob spawn to make it a luck win for the level. different foes/girls. Half income level

Part 2

However again, it’s in the early stages. I’m curious if it does get better or they add somethings to it to fix the early issues. Adding hotkeys to place girls rather than click girl and then click square. Sometimes I don’t even know that the girl was chosen so giving us a sign that we were able to click one would be nice. Anyways, feels more like an alpha version of a demo.

Anonymous Fapper

the game is not working, don’t waste your time guys.

Anonymous Fapper

it works, it’s just pretty garbage