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About the Game

An open-world sci-fi RPG, featuring two main characters, Jake and Alice, set in 2185. The story takes place both on Earth and in space so you will travel to the International Space Station (well, the future version of it, more precise), the lunar base, Mars (of course we started terraforming, duh!), Charon (Pluto’s moon, where we discovered a new element, Photonium, also known as “Grain”) and… well… much further in the deepest corners of the galaxy. In a nutshell, you will explore, interact, talk, make decisions and, of course, fuck a lot of beautiful girls… not necessarily from around here… Now, if you have the patience, read on, Trust me, it will be interesting.

The Concept

The core idea of the game is based on the psychological and biological aspects of incest, from the theories of Freud and Edvard Westermarck. According to the first one, we are “designed” to feel attracted to our blood relatives, while the other says that, after thousands of years of evolution, our brains instinctively developed a defence mechanism against desires towards them, in order to prevent DNA degradation over time. And, of course, that biological aspect spreads across every aspect of life: society, religion and so on…, both in the real world and in the game. As stated in the Prologue of Living Next Door to Alice Comic, available for free on my Patreon page (which I recommend reading, in order to find out more about the game), in the world our main characters, Jake and Alice, live in, people kinda mess up with human DNA, making it better, so… maybe it’s not affected any more by this millennial evolution problem. That being said, Jake’s brain does not have that mechanism, thus the powerful attraction towards Alice. And, having a longer DNA chain, makes his brain evolve constantly. I know, boring stuff, but, believe it or not, this part will be in the game, as a driver for their relationship, rather than “Omg, my brother has a huge dick, let’s suck it” because… reasons)… Actually, the taboo is more of a consequence, not the thing that drives the story… And, as with every consequence, it comes with doubts, regrets and so on… So, not the usual type…

The Main Characters

Jake is still a young kid, turned 19 recently, and his mind is just in the early stages of development. He doesn’t know how to control his emotions and abilities, especially when it comes to Alice. He is conscious enough to know it’s wrong to want her (because of society, religion, rules…) but his mind tells him otherwise. And, in order to learn to control himself, he tries with her… different things. But he is permanently in a constant struggle with himself, and can’t go too far, because, besides his physical desire, he loves her, and doesn’t want to hurt her. The important part is that this small-scale “battle” with Alice helps his mind evolve, without him knowing, thus improving and gaining new abilities…
And this brings us to Alice… First of all, she’s not the typical horny girl that jumps on Jake’s d…k… Well… she is horny, all 20-year-olds are… but she’s not acting the “usual” way… She’s an example of feminine behaviour, mostly based on heart and emotions, rather than brain and numbers. And, because of her love and lust for Jake, she is constantly jumping from one emotion to another, in the heat of the moment. Also, she doesn’t know that Jake loves her too, so she thinks his behaviour is due to her foolish actions (mocking him, hinting at sexual fantasies and so on). And, because of the same reasons (society, religion, rules…), she can’t just tell him that, so she has to restrain her feelings and actions… Well, at least try…
In conclusion, they love each other and they would… ahem… each other’s brains out (and they will, duh, it’s THAT kind of game, after all) but… only when the time comes… Until then, they “test the sea with their finger” (Romanian expression :D), progressing, touch by touch, action by action… inch by inch, to that point of no return…


The Bigger Picture

Don’t know if it begins to be obvious, but I’m not planning a small-scale f…fest in a futuristic house… That being said… Here’s the bigger picture… Jake is the smartest person on the planet and maybe more than that. And he’s humanity’s last hope in a battle with an unknown enemy, called “The Scorpius” named after the Milky Way’s constellation where the first ship was discovered by the space explorers of the Orion Initiative. Unable to establish any type of communication, at the first sign of threat (at least that’s how trigger-happy commanders described it) humanity started a war with the alien troops. And now, they’re marching towards Earth. As of now, with all the future technology and thousands of years of battle knowledge, the enemy is always a step ahead. The Orion Initiative even used the most powerful computers on the planet to try and simulate the enemy’s way of thinking and battling, based on the information acquired during past confrontations. And that proved to be another failure. Because even with limited intel the simulation could not be overcome by anyone on the planet… Except for Jake. The problem is that Jake, even though he passed all the tests in the simulator, making him the obvious choice for commanding the human troops, his enrollment was delayed because he “failed” on the “Westermarck test”, which indicated that he may have feelings for Alice. And, that triggered the conclusion that he may have a “psychological disorder” that needs to be monitored. A very normal conclusion, in a world with the same rules, as we have today, in real life. So, the Orion Initiative keeps an eye on Jake, to see if the results of the test are confirmed. On the other hand, Amanda’s agency, “The Keepers”, is not quite drastic about Jake’s behaviour, and tries to think outside the box, even though everyone hopes that the test is wrong. Because if it is right, the Academy won’t use Jake and won’t train him further for commanding the Orion Initiative’s troops. And, in that case, humanity is kinda fucked…
Story progression
Well, here it would be a lot to talk about… So, I’ll keep it simple… Alice will be the muse of Jake’s evolution into what he is meant to be, in a journey filled with love, lust, passion, insecureness, regret, tears, heavy breaths and sweat. A journey they have to make because when The Scorpius will step foot on Earth, they will be the only ones worthy of standing in front of them…
So, that would be the basics of the plot… I hope you had the patience to read and… I hope you’ll find this saga interesting enough to support it.


Developer: Fireblade185 – Patreon | Instagram | YouTube
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Comics: Living Next Door To Alice
Genre: Adult, Sci-Fi, RPG, Open world, First person, Third person, Male protagonist, Incest, Teen, MILF, Creampie, Anal, Harem, Aliens, Teasing, Shooter, Exploration

– Download and unzip;
– Download and install Runtime (vcredist_x64 or x32), if missing;
– Download and install DirectX 12 runtime if missing;
– LAUNCH ONLY the .exe file inside the main folder (Project_Bounded.exe). It’s a developer preview, unpacked, so launching or opening other files will result in game crash!

Gameplay Controls:
– WASD to move, mouse to look around;
– “P” to pause;
– “Q” to quit.

Rating: 2.6/5. From 84 votes.
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