Halfway House

You’re a nineteen year old dude who just spent four years in juvenile detention. Today’s the day of your release. But you’re still under a six month probation period, so you can’t do whatever the heck you want just yet.

You get assigned to a halfway house way out in the boonies to learn a thing or two about being an adult. After all your were just fifteen years old when they put you away. And in juvie, they don’t exactly teach you anything about dealing with the outside world.

So you’re thinking to yourself you’re shit outta luck being shoved from one crap hole to another. Outside, your friendly neighborhood probation officer is waiting to drive you to your new home. Is the new place gonna be as bad as you think?

Well, you have to play the game to find out. Or you could just read the rest of this post to get some idea of what to expect.

Developer: Az – PatreonItch | Twitter |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, MILF, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Oral sex, Female domination, Big tits, Graphic violence, Groping, Sexual harassment, Mobile game, Fan Service, Facial

Extract and run.

Episode 10

.Added EP10
.1544 renders
.Added new SFX to intimate scenes
.Added more SFX
.Retrofitted new SFX to previous episodes
.Added save prompt to the end of each episodes
.Slight retcon to Sam’s dialogue in EP1 concerning the origins of the main dining room
.Minor rewrite/rephrasing of some dialogue lines in previous episodes
.Updated to Renpy 8.0.3 (Android version now works on Android 11 and higher)

.Cleared long standing open call stack
.Fixed EP6 catfight scene replay unlock flag being erronously triggered
.Fixed overlay stuck on screen issues in EP7 and EP9
.Fixed broken timing on Emily’s EP9 alley CP path animation
.Fixed multiple typos and missing punctuation in previous episodes

Rating: 4.1/5. From 1.3K votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

The points system is complete bullshit. Once you’ve choose the “wrong” dialogue option, you’re fucked. You’re never going to get points for that character until the last few chapters. And even when you choose the right dialogue option, you’re still fucked. I can understand what the Dev is trying to do with the points check (to see if you corrupted a character enough), but it makes no sense if there’s multiple fail points check for a character you’re barely can gain points with. Then, for some reason (probably because the Dev knew he fucked up), forces a sex scene with this character in question. Speaking of sex, there’s only two sex scenes in this game and the only way to get the other sex scene is to ruin your chances with the main girls in the game. A complete waste of time. And no, there’s no gay scenes in here. People talking shit in the comments. Game is a 2 out of 5 star game, not the bullshit 4 stars it shows now. Definitely a waste of time.

Anonymous Fapper

3 years with NO updates
Only GAY bromance side stories
Nothing in Male MC straight path

Anonymous Fapper

I played this months ago..
I redownloaded and found old saves.
Where are saved if I deleted the folder?

Anonymous Fapper

ocult folder…
your computer
Local / localLow / roaming

Roaming … Renpy … find the folder
Or localLow… find the folder with game name/”company” name

Anonymous Fapper

I didn’t like sound

Anonymous Fapper

Fuckin tease….Devs expecting to gain sponsorship for what? Car mechanic sim? 99% of bullshit and tease and 1% of something that suppose to be 99% of the game…I ll never play this crap again….Such a waste of solid potential…

Anon "MC" Johnson

It had such solid potential I deleted it within five minutes because the MC gets treated like a doormat. You’re basically enslaved by the government for defending yourself in a fight. Cop-worshiping cuck shit.