Hard Times in Hornstown

This is Hard Times in Hornstown, possibly the largest fetish-themed text adventure on the internet. It has more than 13 million characters (2.6 million words!) worth of handwritten scenes and code illustrated with more than a thousand high resolution images and a player avatar which dynamically changes according to your choices. And you certainly won’t be lonely, not with our 300 NPCs to meet, and greet and do kinky things with.

The game is a sandbox, letting you explore a fictional city full of sexy opportunities. What will you become?

  • A transgender dominatrix?
  • An airheaded sex-craving bimbo?
  • A masculine leather master?
  • A cuckolded wimp with his cock in a cage?
  • A slave to a powerful Master/Mistress?
  • A polyamorous voyeur?
  • A submissive sissy maid?

You can be all of that and more.

Not even the daily grind of making money is boring in Hornstown. Whether you are working at a supermarket, a hotel reception, a construction site or just driving people around, somehow you always seem to end up encountering something kinky. Or, if that’s not exciting enough for you, you can just decide to become an exotic dancer, a porn star or a cam whore. Want to take your fate into your own hands? Not a problem, just open your own peep show, detective agency or reinvent yourself and join a sex cult.

You can be male, female, straight, gay, bi, cis, trans or all of the above in a single playthrough. Your body and attitude changes with your decisions letting you be as masculine, feminine, submissive or dominant as you wish while you go through crazy sexcapades, committed relationships, threesomes, orgies and all kinds of kink-centric adventures.

Hornstown is a place that’s always changing and growing, receiving 200 000 characters (40 000 words) of content each month without fail. The game is completely free, but patrons gain access to new content a month early, as well as having more options at character generation and being able to access the novels for free!

Developer: Unlikely – Patreon | Website – Fetish Porn Game | OnlyFans | SubscribeStar | Facebook | YouTube | PornHub | Instagram
Censorship: No
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Text based, Male protagonist, Character creation, Lesbian, Gay, Transformation, Sissification, Corruption, Male domination, Female domination, Humiliation, Cosplay, Exhibitionism, Mind control, Sex toys, Spanking, BDSM, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Prostitution, Interracial, Trap, Voyeurism

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Hornstown.exe” to start playing.

First we wanted to apologise about the bug that made the ugly and un-dismissable message display on the home screen constantly. We were very busy this month and managed to leave this nasty little bug in last weeks update.
It should be fixed now along with a few other smaller bugs.
Also, Santa is back!
– Fixed the bug with made the annoying message about ‘0’ appear constantly on the home screen
– Fixed a bug that prevented people from getting the final reward from the sissy dreams storyline
– Fixed multiple UI elements that were prone to freak out at certain resolutions
– Holiday content is active now
– Updated 5 location images

We have been quite busy with some management tasks and have been neglecting the maintenance of the game a little. Well, no more, here are some important bugfixes for stuff you sent in. Keep making the reports, even if we do not always respond, we try to take care of all of them!
Here are the fixes:
– Diana/Daniel will no longerget annoyed at you for missing a date right after you made the appointment
– fixed a game breaking bug in the petplay storyline
– fixed multiple minor bugs in the sex doll storyline
– fixed multiple game breaking bugs in the janitor storyline
– added five new location images

6. Dezember
It’s time for 8.4, last big content update for the year!
Also a big milestone, our game has passed 25 million characters in size! Hooray for us – and for you for sticking with us so far! :)
Now for the important stuff, what’s in the update?
More costumes and events for the mall job which has you wearing different costumes and advertising different products as a walking billboard!
For those who prefer a more personal line of employment, you can now make house calls. Not as a doctor either, but as a sexy prostitute fulfilling your client’s wishes.

Hope you have fun with the update, have a very nice holiday season and as always, thanks for all the support!
– More than 315 000 characters (63 000 words) worth of new content.
– 20+ new high resolution images
– New costumes and events for the billboardman job
– A new opportunity to be on call as a hooker
– Exhibitionism, objectification, D/s play, prostitution, group sex, masturbation, humiliation and more!

Billboard shennanigans
– The advertising job at the mall expands
– New costumes added to the rotation
– New scenes for the established costumes
– Play along with what you wear…or try to resist the temptations
– Exhibitionism, objectification, humiliation, sissyfication group sex and more!

On call (Voted in by the community)
– Learn about a new opportunity of making money doing house calls
– Multiple clients to meet and satisfy
– Choose the ones you want to make regulars and block those you don’t
– Earn extra money by playing into their fantasies, and get low ratings for failing at it
– Prostitution, masturbation, D/s play, vanilla sex and more!

Rating: 2.5/5. From 527 votes.
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