You find yourself on a flight, before you reach your destination the plane crashes.
You end up on a tropical island, where plants, creatures and people are all alien & very hostile to you.

This is a sandbox trainer game, with visual novel story telling and top down exploration.
The game is very early stages, so a lot of stuff will have a major overhaul in future updates.

Developer: Forlorn Faun – PatreonItch.ioDiscord | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Ahegao, Male Protagonist, 3D game, Adventure, Creampie, Corruption, Fantasy, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Rape, Animated, Harem, Sandbox, Random Character Generation, BDSM, Big Tits, Small tits, Combat, Big Ass, Trainer, Humor, Corruption, Pregnancy

Extract and Play.
Use API_CHANGER to increase performance for different graphics cards.

If your screen is too large, delete the IslanDeityConfig file in AppData\Local\LowForlorn FaunIslanDeity

If you’re an AMD user and you’re encountering graphical errors, run API-CHANGER.bat Instead of the exe and change over the graphical settings to Vulkan.
For other users, you can experiment between Vulkan, Direct 11/12 and OpenGL


What’s new? – You can press F for Fullscreen, which may or may not fix this screen issue some people have.

Dungeons & Chains framework added.
Still needs more tweaking but I will be changing over a lot of the standing training animations to work with the chain, to get of those horrible ropes.
Chain is active in the female cell and in the rear view.
New dungeon cell added to replace previous cell.
New training room replacing previous one.
Training room – Interact updates.
Groping animations now rotate the bust.
Rear mode slapping is still a test, very buggy as of this build.
Rear mode, can be accessed through standing mode, this mode still requires a lot more work with skinning and balancing of areas.
So far you grope, with IK animation and stretching.
Animation updates.
New paired animation – Restricted cowgirl.
This can be accessed through Restricted mode > Paired
This will later be more complicated with more features.
PS: First person camera looks really good with this animation as I designed it around that.
Also sound effects have been added to this paired animation.
Only the the basic table animations have been updated and only slightly to work with the new pelvis bones.
New Rear animations.
Female model updates – Hard to see but there are some significant changes and a lot of clothes will break because of it.
Added new bones in genital areas.
Skin and normal maps updated they should have way higher quality detail now.
Updated Nipple region with bones now.
Nipples are now shaped differently, might look weird on any other skin type than 00.
NPC Nipples get erect with lust.
Bust and Rear physics have been updated.
New hairstyle – Loose. added into the game. testing with new physics.
Settings, fixes and other.
Some dialogue crashes fixed.
GPU issues should be fixed now.
Esc soft locking game fixed.
Game should now scale to all resolutions, including ultrawide. (Might need a confirmation on that one.)
Other fixes I can’t remember right now.
Menu updated.
Fixed first person mind breaking, well disabled it for now on both ends
Fixed floating head
Sound effects manager for sex effected added

Rating: 3.8/5. From 22 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Promising Intro, but anything after that is a buggy clunky mess.


ok so there’s rape but no anal… sad


Good potential, still buggy. The animation for bondage pairing on the table stops before the MC inserts himself. You want support, if nothing else be sure the sex animations all work properly in the dungeon cell. That is the main attraction in its current state. Also, the rear groping needs adjustments, the glutes stretches far beyond ‘normal’.

Anonymous Fapper

Is this as bad looking as the thumbnails?

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

I have seen other comments talking about bugs, crashes, the need for walthroughs and so forth. I have experienced no crashes or bugs so far and the gameplay is simple and easy to figure out.

The story is fine, the sex is good and has alot of positions to choose from. Breaking the girls are easy right now, imagine they will get harder later on. can change clothes/looks based on who you capture.

Really like what i have seen so far, excited for this one and hoping for more quality content like this one here