Kingdom Lost

This game tells you the story of Princess Leana, who’s kingdom has fallen and she’s trying to rescue her father. But that’ll not be easy, not by herself. She needs allies, she need money, she need power. Will she be able to take revenge?​

Developer: Psycho-Seal – Patreon | | Game Jolt | SubscribestarDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Side-scroller, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Rape, Combat

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:
Warning: If you played early versions before, please delete your save folder before starting the game else crashes are expected. To delete your save folder go to C:/’username’/appdata/roaming and delete “Kingdom_Lost” folder.

Press “H” for in-game help menu.


  • (Changed)Good skill check in defense phase reduces incoming damage by half. Perfect skill check completely evades damage. Failing skill check will result in taking full damage. This behaviour will be changed and improved in combat update later.
  • (Changed)Failing skill check in attack phase reduces outgoing damage by half, perfect skill check increases damage by 1.5. This behaviour will be changed and improved in combat update later.
  • (Android)DPAD size increased to 1.25 size(Disable touch move from options to use DPAD for movement).
  • (New)Added Gomrak’s house in Grimshear.
  • (New)Implemented animated decoration objects(ducks and fishes in forest and jelly mushroom in alchemists house),
  • (New)Added a simple day and hour indicator on the top right side of the screen.
  • (New)Added a new difficulty option which removes combat encounters and makes the player automatically win any fight.
  • (New)Implemented bug tracking feature, bug report will be sent to me when game crashes.
  • (New)Added underwear combat sprites.
  • (New)Added mouse support, you can move and interact with objects, more will be added later. You need to activate the ‘touch move’ option from options(enabled by default).
  • (Fix)Notification which appears when the player has switched to a new area, or at the beginning of the day.
  • (Fix)Antidote potion showing the same description as strength potion.
  • (Fix)Camera boundaries in Yuumosh’s house.
  • (Fix)File operations in Linux.

NSFW Changelog

  • (Changed)Dying in Lamrock will always result in getting raped, then the game will continue.
  • (New)Dying in Church Area will trigger a rape scene, game will continue.
  • (New)Dying in Lamrock Mine will trigger a rape scene, game will continue.
  • (New)Hobgoblin x female human sex sprites.
  • (New)Player can initiate prostitution scenes by interaction with non-special NPC’s in Grimshear.
  • (New)Added nude combat sprites.

Known Issues

  • Door outline effects are distorted.
  • Map shows wrong character placements. It’s is an experimental feature and will be remade later.
  • Outline shader is broken in Linux.
  • (Common)Some NPC’s body parts are misplaced.
  • (Common)Characters sit on the same chairs in tavern.
  • (Rare)Torches don’t highlight but they are interactable.
  • (Rare)Using the bounty board crashes the game.


  • If an outfit doesn’t have animation sprites, your character will be invisible, this is not a bug. Missing sprites will be added later.

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Rating: 2.1/5. From 114 votes.
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Not Anonymous Fapper

u guys sure love pixels..

Anonymous Fapper

Is this still a mess of a game… or it is worth trying now?… it’s been years!!!

Anonymous Fapper

Well I think my wifi is too slow, images are not loading. ????????


Not bad, as far as 8-bit games go. If you ever wished for a fapping scene while playing DOS games from the 90’s, this is probablly your ticket.

Anonymous Fapper

The game looks good but there are too much bugs that kill the fun on Android. Hope that will be solve on Next update…