Fuckerman [v2020-09-15] [Bambook]

Overview Info Changelog Images Ever heard of the Story about Fuckerman? No? Maybe it's too good to be true.​ Developer/Publisher: Bambook Censorship: None OS: Windows 64-bit Language: English Genre: 2D game, 2DCG, 3D game, Male protagonist, Side-scroller, Animated, Big tits, Big ass, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Puzzle, Humor, Interracial, Group sex, Futa, Trans, [...]
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Kingdom Lost [v0.5.5.17] [Psycho-Seal]

Overview Info Changelog Images This game tells you the story of Princess Leana, who's kingdom has fallen and she's trying to rescue her father. But that'll not be easy, not by herself. She needs allies, she need money, she need power. Will she be able to take revenge?​ Developer: Psycho-Seal - Patreon | itch.io | [...]
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Almastriga [Build 29] [Taboolicious]

Overview Info Changelog Images Almastriga is a classic metroidvania game where you play as Jane, a cursed woman at odds against a great evil that wants to use her as a vessel to cross into the world’s dimensional plane and take it over. However, Jane quickly realizes the curse isn’t all bad. Do you have [...]
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Future Fragments [v0.47.1 Demo] [HentaiWriter]

Overview Info Changelog Future Fragments is a hybrid platforming/run 'n' gun/RPG game, with a science fiction/mystery theme. Imagine say, Megaman X, but with an actual map system, a dense storyline with lots of choices you can make, and of course, lots and lots of 18+ animations. Censorship: No Developer/Publishers: HentaiWriter, TriangulatePixels, & FrougeDev - Patreon | Tumblr | Twitter [...]
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DancingReaper [v0.02b] [WOD]

Overview Info Images DancingReaper is a 2D pixel Adult Action Game made by Unity. You will play as the heroine, searching the world, beat monsters, and of course the scenes you want....XD. All hentai scenes are played as pixel animations.​ --- Developer: WOD - Patreon | Itch.io | Ci-en Censored: No OS: Windows Language: English, Japanese, Chinese [...]
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Jungle Penetration [v2.4] [Technique Studio]

Overview Info Changelog Images Jungle Penetraion is an adult 3D action side-scrolling game. You play as heroine travelling through the woods filled with dangerous opponents. Well apparently they're horny these opponents, it is a good thing she can defend herself. And you definately should help her out with this. Developer: Technique Studio - Patreon Censored: No [...]
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Project X: Love Potion Disaster [v7.8 Alpha] [Zeta Team]

Overview Info Changelog Images The player has been captured by Doctor Eggman, alongside several other Mobians, during one of his invasions. Unfortunately, Pili and Mili, two assistants of Dr. Akari who are working on a secret project of a love potion, accidentally drop too much of Dr.Akari's pheromon in their concoction when their facility rumbles [...]
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Lustbane: Tales [v0.9] [K-515]

Overview Info Changelog Images Setting is a medieval-fantasy world.This is a 2D adult-oriented rogue -like with RPG elements game. You take a role of adventurer with gift or bane of the "Lustbane". Game will be in two parts dungeon crawling and party members management in the citys.I planning to do many events that will occur [...]
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