Life Happened

I made a deal with the devil once. I thought I needed the ”boost”, you know…
But dealing with the devil can be tricky sometimes.
Mine got jealous of me. She took my everything because of that.
Anyone would say I should have learned my lesson after that, but men are creatures of habit, and some of them are hard to let go of.
Sometime later, I ended up making another deal, this time with a different devil. Go figure.
Only this time, the deal was a much simpler one: I get what I want, kill the devil who crossed me, then I walk away, taking nothing with me on my way out.
Pretty simple, right? If only I knew back then that there is no such thing as simple in life…
My name is Marco Scozzari. I’m thirty-six and the CEO of the Scozzari Group. But that is just the version of me I’m selling to the world.
My real deal is to bring hell on earth to anyone who crosses me while waging war against my personal devil.
Welcome to ”Life Happened.” A story-driven game about love, lust, jealousy, deceiving, and betrayal. Where every decision counts, and most things are rarely what they seem to be.
Will you be the lifeline amidst the chaos, or will you become chaos itself?

This game is in its alpha version, and you may have to start a new game every time a new update is released since the game code is under constant review/update. Play it at your own discretion.

Avoidable Sharing content
Avoidable Trans content

Developer: Kinky shop – PatreonFacebook | BuyMeACoffee | | Discord | YouTube
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Milf, Masturbation, Vaginal Sex, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Creampie, Corruption, Renpy, NTR (Avoidable), Cuck (Avoidable)

This update focus on Danna’s pure love route’s development. It also develops Danna’s tainted love route (That happens when you go for the Exhibitionism branch and you realize you like Danna and go back into the love route). That second route is not done to the point I desired, though (will release a short update taking her to the same point in time that the pure love route as soon as it’s done).
New renders: 317
New Sound effects: a lot
New songs: 2
New animations: 3
New words: also a lot
About 8000 new lines of code
Added option to turn off the character screen’s animations. Thanks to AB’s help.
Added the option to name your saves again (Without that annoying pop-up naming screen you see in most games featuring that option). Thanks to Tribe’s help.
Text improvement in most of the text from previous updates. Again, thanks, Tribe! (This update’s text still needs some polishing, though)

Rating: 3.9/5. From 256 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I do like the story but the art style is like a teenage girl who had just found the filters settings for her selfies. Also be warned if you suffer from motion sickness there’s a lot of swaying from the zooming in and out that takes place on a lot of slides.

Anonymous Fapper

Hey is ntr avoidable if yes please tell how

Anonymous Fapper

This game is not for vanilla cucks

Anonymous Fapper

kinda ironic calling people who like vanilla cucks… you realize that’s what you are right? a degenerate who gets off to the idea of other men fucking his wife/lovers. how pathetic

Anonymous Fapper

You know what’s even more pathetic? You placing yourself first person in a game because you can’t get laid at all instead of accepting that it’s just a fictional story. Weird how I don’t see a lot of criticism of incestual stories around here. But hey, I guess someone has to f*ck your ugly mom. It may as well be you.


Yes, u can choose in the beginning of the game if u want or not

Anonymous Fapper

it doesnt have my previous saved games on  this i cant load my save game from the last version how do i do that 

Anonymous Fapper

have both versions installed . open the save folder in the old game and drag it into the new folder . should work on most games as long as the update didn’t break the save file some games do this .

Anonymous Fapper

The MC looks like a fat version of Cristiano Ronaldo with Down Syndrome

Anonymous Fapper

Pretty good I like the whole game except the cucks,and plz add some animations XD