Lost Hope

This game is set up between two parallel world’s (earth). One world is exactly one we live and another world is dystopian, SciFi world.

The story is basically a formed on rumour… called planet x is going to destroy our planet. In mc point of view, the story is totally personal, these sci fi people kidnapped someone important to mc
the whole story is personal until he knows about destruction. Then whose side is he going to choose? There are good and bad people living in this world. who he is gonna trust. how he is going to save someone important to him. He is going to save them or not….
But the main question is who is he, did he belong to them or not…
for more wait for further updates..

Developer: CNSAM – Patreon | Twitter | YouTube
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Prequel: Identity
Genre: Teen, Sci-fi, cyberpunk, fantasy, college, story


1. English is good thanks to Andy from discord
2. lag is totally cleared
3. story is increased and added a good amount of spice scenes
4. bug fixes

Rating: 3.3/5. From 190 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Really tricky to make sense of the story-line; no real flow to character interactions – jumps from one concept to the next; has a very disjointed feel to it


Well thanks for feedback but did u enjoy the VN like atleast 20 out 100? bro the whole project is done by 1 man and It is my first time writing a story, so there are hick up here and there but I persoanlly think I’m doing decent job as writer for the first time. if you can please suppot me on patreon. it really helps to me grow further in ths industry

thanks for playing my game and what do you think about graphics, is they upto your liking

Anonymous Fapper

The spelling mistakes in this story really aren’t that bad. Its the grammar! Nothing a good proof reader that speaks English as their first language couldn’t fix.

Its the story that is really shocking! I got an hour or two in and just felt confused! What’s happening?!

Finally I quit when it got to the scene at the pool and they were suddenly attacked, why and how?

Had these bad guys been following them waiting for the opportunity, in which why had no one noticed them lurking around and how did they get such perfect timing?

Or is it a set up by one of the women that were there? Some sort of ploy to put themselves in an advantage? If so then that’s 3d chess that only occurs in BS stories…

Either way I quit the story/game and then deleted it before the scene was even fully completed!

Anonymous Fapper

bro you know what , just accept the fact that you’re waiting for sex scene and you didn’t get it. you’re saying it clearly the things that cause the situation.


hi dev going to try your game and do not worry about people who said that your english is bad they wouldnt be better is english wasnt their first language i am french so am like you and english is not my first language but having lived in england for 17 years(1998 to 2015) its been 7 years since i came back to france and thanks to the internet i can carry on improving my english do not let those comments get to you and am hoping that i will enjoy your game and i got a question do you plan to have only pictures or will you have animations too in future updates?ok now going to try your game and good luck for the future dev:)

Anonymous Fapper

@CNSAM I have not played your game yet, so I cannot say if it is good or not. But I will say I think it is great you are making the game and I know it is not easy. You should not let negative people get to you, especially on this site. Most here will not pay to play. But if you make a good game (nice story, good amount of sex) I am sure you will do fine. Good Luck.


Thanks And try the game

find out in game

Anonymous Fapper

Ok I have played some of your game… Not for me. Story did not really interest me, and the MC way to Emo-Beta male for my tastes. He is another MC that comes off weak and not very good with the ladies. But that is just my opinion, You make the game you want to make, and if making a story is you thing I wish you luck.


Hi guys how you all doing, I think you guys will like this version and If you acan please support me on Patreon