Lustville Stories

Lustville Stories is a visual novel game that features a number of different stories based around residents who live in a fictional city known as, of course, Lustville. The stories will be interactive and dependant on the decisions the player makes, the stories will have different endings… for better or worse.

Developer: MrLollipop – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated Sex, Cheating, Wife, Male Protagonist, Vaginal Sex

Install Instructions:
1. Open Lustville Stories Folder
2. Run “Lustville Stories.exe”
3. Enjoy the game!

First Release

Rating: 3.2/5. From 19 votes.
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Mike hunt hurts a lot

I’d rate this a 2/5 at best. Models are deformed in their portions and rather ugly overall, story so far makes little to no sense (highschool bully let’s you fuck his wife who happens to be your old crush as an apology for being a bully), animation is decent enough but could be done better. Honestly it was a waste of the 30 seconds it took to download and I won’t be following it any further. Take that as you will just what my opinion of the game is

Anonymous Fapper

Thanks. 5 lines of comment.
Much better than 3 lines of overview (and patreon info).
Now, i know than its better wait months before try.

Anonymous Fapper

I’d love to see you make your own game that’s a first release with a good storyline and animations but no you will sit play and then bitch about something that is unique as I said props to the dev.

Anonymous Fapper

Do you want create 1 game?
Overview. 10-20 lines. If Dev can’t write a good overview, probably can’t write the story too.
Future Tags. Tell your target audience,
Schedule. 100 renders per week. 500 per month. Or 1k renders each 6 months.
Or “hooby” and 50 renders per year.
5k new games each year in patreon/subscrib. 4990 never will be finished. “Because i want money in v0.1 or v0.2”

Anonymous Fapper

U sound like a pro in the comments get to creating then and let’s see you do better u all enjoy trashing new developers which completely steers them away but will support overhyped pieces of trash.

Anonymous Fapper

After 1 month, there is no more activity on the page. No progress. No info. Why don’t you pay for the dev?

If you want to choose 1 out of 30 new games v0.1-0.3. What do you look to choose 1 out of 30 games v0.1-0,3?

Example : Patreon of Living in a Brothel. A lot of information about the game. If I liked the theme/story, I would support. Because I know what to expect.

Do you know what to expect from Lustville Stories?

Anonymous Fapper

What’s going on? This game has amazing art, animation and a decent storyline, the fuck is up with the ratings? I think the audience is half retarded good job to the dev.

Anonymous Fapper

“decent” 3 stars
crap = 0.5
fantastic = 5

1 sex scene? 3? A lot of positions?
5 min or 30 min of game?
Tell more about the game.

Anonymous Fapper

Shrink everything to deformed like a cartoon

Zandu Balm

Waiting for reviews cause i don’t wanna waste time playing shit

Sgt. Fapper

Tag, you’re it! This is a site for fap material. Based on the pics alone, the chic in the red was worth taking a better look at. WTF are you here for soldier? If you’re one of the first here, you should be giving us a SITREP. Is that clear FAP soldier? Now find your way into the battle through the bs with the rest of us, u poor piece of patient pent up penis skin!


that is one ugly lookin ass bitch

Anonymous Fapper

You are new in game sites probably.
A lot of gay ntr futa Devs put hot girls in images. And in game its all about male peeping on another male.

Dev tell nothing about tags (and future tags) in patreon.
Only talking about money.

Generic overview. Endings for better or For worse (gay content? No thanks). So better wait before try.

Anonymous Fapper

Any life form that spends time on here is shit so you will feel right at home playing everything.

Anonymous Fapper

You can talk if you love / hate the game. Positive / negative comments always are usefull.

Few days i read a “negative comment”: This game is shit because few story and MC fuck girl after girl. Instant download the game.
For me “this negative point” is a positive point.

And you can talk random shit. If this its your fetish.
This fprum have a gay always asking for bbc in all games. Be free you too.