Making Memories

A trip not taken, a lie befallen – as Alvaro (name changeable) and his ward are both traumatized by a sudden change in their lives.
With not many whom he knows, he goes back to the only one who knows him inside out as they rediscover and re-evaluate the nature of their relationships and make new memories.​

This is a “Romance-Slice of Life” First project – Emotions will always take more precedence over eroticism (Which there will be of course)

Developer: Kvitravn Tales –
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Romance, DILF, Incest, Virgin, Big tits, Big ass, 3DCG

1. Extract and run.


– ~650+ New renders.

Rating: 3.5/5. From 133 votes.
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I really love the game. I get it the men just wanna stroke their dicks or whatever but they should also know when and when not to do it. sometimes u just need to focus on the story yk and the character development…I’m sure ya’ll can find other games ya’ll can do ur shit to


Also don’t be scared to judge homosexuality. shit ain’t normal and thats facts. people normalise anything as long as it’s pleasurable. they don’t give fucks whether it’s wrong….as long as it’s pleasure then to them it’s normal

Anonymous Fapper

ZERO fucking nudity and SUB ZERO fucking sex , DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME with this TRASH.

Anonymous Fapper

Male MC + DILF tag. Always nothing interesting. Because means 1 girl writer or a gay writer.

No exist DILF if MC is not gay.

If gay MC or female straight MC. DILF is possible.

Here exist a MILF. But no tag. Because for a gay or female stragiht writer, never exist MILF.

Anonymous Fapper

I’m a little worried about the comments saying there is no sex whatsoever, as I do love a good fap, but I love stories and characters foremost. The description as well as comments lead me to believe the story will be worth a read. The models also look really appealing. This one is definitely going into my dl list

Anonymous Fapper

there is no single nude image in this game

Anonymous Fapper

Google play store 99k games for you.

Anonymous Fapper

You must be the fucking pussy Dev of this zero nudity, zero sex GARBAGE.

Anonymous Fapper

Add some sex or nudity already you dickheads. It’s a fucking porn game ffs, if I wanted a good read I’d buy something on Amazon.

Anonymous Fapper

Calm down.

Dig Bick

Yeah and if weed needed a game we would play a RPG rather than this. we are here for some action not for time pass.