Monolith Bay

Our tale is centered around a young man, who moves to Monolith Bay, a small coastal town with an unusual past, to try and rescue his parents from limbo with the help of his stepsister and mad scientist uncle. The town, however, has more to it than meets the eye, and so does your uncle…​

Monolith Bay Trailer

Developer: Team Monolith – PatreonYouTubeDiscord | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, dating sim, handjob, male protagonist, masturbation, milf, monster girl, paranormal, romance, sandbox, teasing, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism

1. Extract and run.

-fixed softlock when putting mag on desk
-fixed invis wall in dungeon
-fixed game starting up in dungeon

-fixed softlock when putting mag on desk
-fixed invis wall in dungeon

-New optional “Futa mode” makes the player character look female but still have a male genital
-New optional “Less cartoony characters mode”
-Improved facial animations
-Ghost girl free in adult sandbox
-Handjob free in adult sandbox
-Map is now 3D
-Show private areas on map (where you can have sex)
-Changing pubic hair style preferences are now in public version
-There is a new menu in the pause UI that lets you change “new game settings”
-You have the option to skip some long early game dialogues with dialogues options
-New palm trees in town
-Create Pirate style characters
-New save management now producing only one file per save (Old saves are automatically converted and backed up)
-Many minor bug fixes

Rating: 3.2/5. From 234 votes.
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This game could be really good, just to many bugs currently.

Anonymous Fapper

This game needs a lot of work redone, im guessing the creator was probably in a rush maybe or didnt care but theres a bug in the 2nd classroom if you pick carbin and try to leave, it wont let you leave the classroom. So the game isnt bad to say the least, just needs more work thats all.

Anonymous Fapper

Never mind…this game just really dont anything to it after the 2nd class room. Your just stuck there…

Anonymous Fapper

Game is okay, not a lot of content though. Also it bugs out a lot, like the chemistry door glitch mentioned in the comments below. Twice my character got suck in a pose until I used a door. Could be a fun and sexy game after it gets some serious work.

Anonymous Fapper

How many carecter i should create to play this game on android

Anonymous Fapper

None, I made a character and she didn’t even appear as a random npc. You could, if you desired, modify the existing characters used for the story but unless you have some specific fetish its unnecessary.

Anonymous Fapper

Im stuck in the college at the chemi lesson the door is already open but i cant leave the class room or use the door pls help

Anonymous Fapper

Use this code for the cheats and active the ghost mode to continue
Code: 8WXH6D