Ceno Trainer

Ceno Trainer is a visual novel for adults based on the anime and manga of Dragon ball.

In the game we take the role of a young man who is a fan of Dragon Ball. The plot centers on the fact that after watching a special marathon of the series, we (The MC) ended up completely exhausted and when taking a nap, while we slept a loud sound similar to that of an explosion, woke us up suddenly and when we opened our eyes we appear in a strange and unknown place, and when deciding look around we realize that we are in the world of Dragon ball and just before trying to deduce what we do there we stumbled upon a girl who is nothing more and nothing less than Videl, we help her and talk to her and because of her we managed to integrate into this new world.

Developer: Byproxx, Gionists: Joe Start, Kizer, Secondary Artist: Giorgio – Patreon | Website | Discord
Game Translators: Sam3013 [EN Translator] Joe Start [IT Translator]
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: Spanish, English, Italian
Genre: Adventure, Milf, Teen, Male Protagonist, 2D, Mobile Game



– English translation has been completed
– Italian translation completed
– The errors of the previous version have been corrected



– New relationship system with girls
– New Ki system (In development)
– New food system (In development)
– New location on the map: Restaurant
– New location on the map: Training area
– New character: Gohan
– New character: Erasa
– New event for the “friends” level with Bulma (The walk)
– New event for the “friends” level with Videl (A favor from Videl)
– New event for the “friends” level with Milk (Gaining confidence)
– New event where we meet Gohan (You can unlock it by raising the relationship level to “friends” level with Milk, Bulma and Videl)
– New event with Pizza (This event is activated on day 30 of the game and contains 3 different routes, this depends on whether you pay the rent or which option you choose in the event)


– Pizza design has been changed
– Changed the way to get the Dragon Balls event with Bulma (Now you can get it after doing the event “The walk” in the level of relationship “Friends” with Bulma)
– Strawberry designs in inventory have been changed
– Now you can give things to Bulma
– 2 useless buildings have been removed in the map area
– Fixed bugs
– Among other small changes

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Joe Start
Joe Start

The game is still taking off and that is why the current content is limited, I also apologize for those who expected more, also say that the game has 3 languages: Spanish, English and Italian.


Looks promising, I’m sure its gonna take off

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

I agree I got vedel and bulma to intement friends but I have no clue what I’m supposed to be doing still fun

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

is this really a porn game?


ALV por fin algo que esta en español xD :V

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

It has potential if you continue as a Kunoichi trainer and improve the design and content it will be a great game thanks for the Spanish smile