Ceno Trainer

Ceno Trainer is a visual novel for adults based on the anime and manga of Dragon ball.

In the game we take the role of a young man who is a fan of Dragon Ball. The plot centers on the fact that after watching a special marathon of the series, we (The MC) ended up completely exhausted and when taking a nap, while we slept a loud sound similar to that of an explosion, woke us up suddenly and when we opened our eyes we appear in a strange and unknown place, and when deciding look around we realize that we are in the world of Dragon ball and just before trying to deduce what we do there we stumbled upon a girl who is nothing more and nothing less than Videl, we help her and talk to her and because of her we managed to integrate into this new world.

Developer: Byproxx, Gionists: Joe Start, Kizer, Secondary Artist: Giorgio – Patreon | Website | Discord
Game Translators: Sam3013 [EN Translator] Joe Start [IT Translator]
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: Spanish, English, Italian
Genre: Adventure, Milf, Teen, Male Protagonist, 2D, Mobile Game


– New outfits for Patreon (Videl Halloween Costume and Bulma Halloween Costume)

– A new Easter egg added

– 100% of the English translation is complete


– New wishes have been added for the Patreon wish dragon

– A new gallery has been added for the game (Accessed from the main menu)

– A new mind training option has been added 《special mind training》

– New way to spy on Videl (Reach close friends and learn to fly to unlock)

– New buttoned and improved inventory has been added

– Milk’s character has been redesigned

– Videl’s character has been redesigned

– Bulma’s character has been redesigned

– The character of C-21 has been redesigned

– Gohan’s character has been redesigned

– Both city maps have been redesigned a bit

– Milk’s shop has been redesigned

– The scene scene of the 60th event with Pizza has been redesigned (Do not pay on the 30th)

– The scene of the event of day 60 with Pizza has been redesigned (Pay on day 30 and press the option 《play with your breasts》

– More than 82 CGs added for this version

– 4 Scenes added for the second option to spy on Videl

– New continuation of Videl’s story (Spy on Videl until she visits your house)

– New intimate friends event with Videl

– New intimate friends event with Bulma

– New Close Friends Event for Milk’s Common Path

– New Close Friends Event for Milk’s Alternative Route

– A part of the Friends event with Milk has been changed

– New dialogues with the receptionist after the intimate friends event with Bulma

– New dialogues of C-21 when we visit her for the first time

– New dialogues of Roshi when we touch his house for the first time after using the 《flight map》

– New side mission with the turtle (Find 7 hidden magazines around the map and give them to him)

– New event for special mental entertainment option (Mikasa)

– New event for the special mental training option (Elizabeth)

– The confidence level required to reach each level of relationship with the main girls has been increased

– Ki system has been changed

– The mental training option has been changed (now it does not spend all your Ki and can only be done once a day)

– Basic training option has been changed (now does not spend all Ki)

– Ki is now required to work and some other options.

– Erasa’s options in the restaurant have been changed.   – Among other small changes

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