My Strange Sis

This is story about a guy who ran away from his family in order to study in a different city. However, the real reason he ran away from home is that he was fleeing his sister, for whom he has carnal feelings. While it may seem like this is just another B/S incest-themed story, it’s not “just another incest game.” Instead, our game’s storyline is set in a modern urban fantasy setting.

The narrative takes center-stage in this game. How well you manage your relationship with your sister is pretty tightly coupled to this setting. It’s pretty difficult to separate the two. Additionally, the game’s plot offers diverse choice.

Developer: Great Chicken Studio – PatreonBlog
Censorship: None
Version: 1.0a Final
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English, Russian
Genre: incest, M/F, creampie, masturbation, voyeur, sleeping, Pregnancy

Rating: 3.3/5. From 45 votes.
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Not a fan of the system controls. Kinda gave up after a few minutes. Just find some of the functions overly complicated and the fact that the mc isn’t masculine or dominant is a huge turn off.

Just gona give it a 2/10.

Anonymous Fapper

It’s a descent game, the only thing I hate about it is the cure Liz route. The “neutral” ending feels like a bad end, the good ending is fine, but the “true” ending makes no sense for two reasons; first, the “true” ending is barely different from the good ending, in fact, the only thing that’s different is how they react to the vampiress. Now for the second reason, on the walkthrough, it says that you are required to have the nerdy sister personality, since that is the case, the “true” ending…

Anonymous Fapper

(same guy from above)…”true” ending would have had her research on pregnancy through incest and her finding out that it would be okay for her to keep having kids, but if her family line continues committing incest generation after generation, then that will be a problem(I did research on pregnancies, so I know what I’m talking about). even though I hate the modern version of it, the flash game Breeding Season is the closest to the truth when it comes to pregnancy through incest.

Anonymous Fapper

Take it easy Matpat.

Anonymous Fapper

Shut up

Anonymous Fapper

A bit too serious? And thanks for spoilers (this is sarcasm).

Anonymous Fapper

IS this the final?

Throwed Off

Changes to a different language right after she asked to use the computer

Anonymous Fapper

It´s not terrible, actually quite enjoyable, if one is into these kinds of things that is, There certainly is worse