Never Saint

You play as a young man raised to be a saint. One day Marjorie found you and you were able to leave the church. Meanwhile some weird things start to happen once you leave that place you will try to enjoy your new life out of the purity.​

Developer: Saint Voice – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, Male protagonist, Milf, Monster girl, Oral sex, Titfuck, Vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.



  • Fixed softlock with Kiyoko while doing her call. – The game could freeze by a collision
  • Added second dialogue for Ashley while doing the doggy style in the church
  • Added second dialogue for Ashley while confessing
  • Fixed the scene of Ashley showing her pussy – The manual movement was messy
  • Added manual function in scene of Alexa with her dildo
  • Fixed softlock with Marjorie drunk – The game could freeze by a collision
  • Fixed Manual option for Isabelle eating pussy scene – The option wasn’t working
  • Fixed auto movement for Angie gaming Scene – The ligths of the screen and the moves of her fingers dind’t work.
  • New Hub and code time system
  • New  Battle System. / code of live battle mode, Skills and items
  • New potion crafting sytem
  • Playable with android with an emulator / The tutorial of how to do it its attached to this post in english and spanish.
  • New Journal Quest / The F key its a shortcut for the quest menu. / only WIN AND MAC android needs to be accessed from the menu.
  • New Journal quest pop up messages
  • New Layout system / Implementation of HUB of actor, items, status, weapons, Menu, skills desings
  • New Weather system
  • New visual effect of steps
  • New manual for the crafting system / This needs to be polished

Art – Same as 0.14 test version:

  • Sex scene with Angie in the church
  • Sex scene with Angie playing games in her house
  • Re-done scene with Angie dancing in the church
  • Blowjob scene with Isabelle in her house
  • Pussy eating scene with Isabelle in her house
  • New kissing scene with Isabelle
  • 4 new cum pictures
  • Particles for lighting effects
  • 76 new biggers sprites
  • Time Hud desing
  • Cursor desing
  • Map name desing
  • Actor window Desing
  • Main menu Layout desing
  • Status Layout desing
  • Windows layout desing
Rating: 3.7/5. From 247 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Is there anyone who can chip in fire droid,
please give away?

Anonymous Fapper

Error require is not defined
Android version Can’t play, can anyone help?

danish guy

Yo’ guys, could anyone of you pass me a save file with everything unlocked? Trying to playing on Android is a pain in the ass, since joiplay’s performance on my phone is too bad xd

Anonymous Fapper

Hi guys, how do I instal game on android?

Anonymous Fapper

you have to use joiplay (you can download it on playstore) though i suggest you not to play this if your device is 3 GB ram and below because it’s laggy and unplayable.

Anonymous Fapper

i’m starting to wonder why some creator’s aren’t zipping their games themselves, to get the game on patreon you have to pay money to them, but then they have to pay more money for damn WinZip. they get thousands of dollars to make their games but they aren’t willing to spend some of it to zip the games themselves when they are making a game or updating them? I’m not trying to complaining, but frankly I’d would wait a little longer no problem for a game if they zip it themselves.

Player of games

What? I really don’t understand what you are on about; I’m pretty sure that the creators compress their own games, and Winzip is not needed as zip compression is integrated in Windows: Just mark the files you want to compress and right click, send to, zip-compressed file.

Is this because this is a .rar file? Rar just compresses the files a bit more effectively, and the software is free – after a while it does come up with a “Software expired” message, but close that and Winrar still works


just use 7zip it is open source and free and can open rar files